20 Toddler Valentine’s Day Activities

20 Toddler Valentine’s Day Activities

I’m a firm believer in keeping kids busy and having fun, which is why I’ve rounded up 20 toddler Valentine’s Day activities. They are sure to keep your little one busy. Plus, there are cute ideas to save their little finger and footprints.

valentines day crafts for toddlers

I love crafts with Emmie’s hands and feet because it preserves her little size forever.

1. Valentine’s Day Collage

20 toddler valentine's day activities

Emmie absolutely loves gluing right now. Collages are a great way to let kids’ imaginations run wild. My Bored Toddler posted an activity here that would be super fun to follow.

You can easily create it with computer paper and red & white items you have around the house.

2. Love Bug Name Craft

I love educational crafts that are also fun to do. Learning the alphabet and how to spell your name are two key activities, which is why I love this love bug craft from ABCs to ACTs.

3. Love You Berry Much

How cute and easy is this I love you berry much print. All you need is red paint, black paint and either green paper or green paint. This is a great print for mom and dad or the grandparents.

4. Pipecleaner Heart Painting

valentines day toddler activities

How cute is this?! I’d actually love to frame it and turn it into a print for Emmie’s playroom. It’s so easy to create this craft with pipe cleaners and paint. You can find the instructions here.

5. Stuck on You Cactus Print

easy toddler activities

We have family that lives in Arizona and this would be the perfect craft for them! The stuck on you print is adorable. With green paint, you can easily make it with supplies that are already in the house. Find the details for it here.

6. Toddler Art Activities for Valentine’s Day

This Sweet Happy Life rounded up a handful of Valetine’s Day toddler activities that you can easily create with supplies from the dollar store. Genius, right?! I often find myself at Target’s dollar section looking for fun things to do. Find her four crafts here.

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7. Toddler Valentine’s Day Love Bug

Another love bug print for the win! There are 17 other crafts linked on this page as well, but I think the love bug is the cutest by far. I keep googly eyes on my toddler supply list because they always come in handy and they last forever!

8. Giant Alphabet Heart Matching Game


We are all about the alphabet lately learning our letters. I love this activity because it feels holiday, but it’s a simple, educational toddler activity.  To create your own alphabet match game, click here.

9. ABC Hearts Match & Cover

easy toddler valetines day activities

If creating a big alphabet match game with individual cut-outs feels like too much work, skip and use this printable for your fridge with letter magnets.

10. Heart Shaped Dog Valentine’s Day Craft

valentines day toddler activitiesOK, how cute is this dog heart?!?! This was one of the first crafts I found and instantly fell in love. It’s so easy to make with construction paper, poms, and googly eyes. You can find the details for it here from Crafty Morning.

11. Heart Color Walk

toddler valentines day activities

Remember the game red light, green light? I feel like this is the Valentine’s Day version of it. It’s easy to make and a great way to get kids moving inside the house. Click here for the instructions.

12. Valentine’s Day Play-Doh

Toddler Activities Valentine's DayWe are all about sensory these days. Fun little trinkets that can be sorted, stenciled, and reused again are a hit at our house. You can easily get a sorting tray from Amazon and then either make your own play-doh or buy red play-doh here.

13. Easy Heart Windsock Valentine’s Day Toddler Activity

kids valentines day activity

I think these windsocks would be fun for a toddler to make, but I can honestly see any kid making it under 10. Older kids would find it so fun to write their own heart messages and create something that can hang in their room.

14. Coffee Filter Water Color Heart Garland

This is a two-part toddler Valentine’s Day activity, which I love. I find that Emmie can focus for small chunks of time, which is why two-part crafts are often times great for us.

Toddlers can easily make this or bigger kids can do it on their own. Draw hearts and spray to let the colors bleed together. Then, cut them out and string them together for some fun garland. All of the instructions are here.

15. Montessori Valentine’s Day Trays

I often gravitate towards Montessori learning and love these trays. You can buy your own trays here, and I also highly recommend this sensory set with tongs and other tools. The Stay At Home Educator has great ideas for counting activities that tap into gross motor as well. Find all of the details here.

16. Balloon Craft Artwork for DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Toddlers

This might be the cutest thing I’ve found. If I had the time (and energy!) to make all of Emmie’s Valentine’s Day cards, I would do this project. It’s just adorable, and I love the little photo! I also think this makes a great gift for a parent or a grandparent.

17. Valentine’s Day Toddler Activity Sensory Painting

valentines day toddler activities

Do you ever find toddler activities that you actually want to do yourself? For me, it’s this sensory painting activity. It looks mesmerizing. Emmie really loves painting and touching the texture of things, so it’s a must-have in our book!

18. Valentines Day Sensory Tub for Toddlers

toddler sensory bin

Sensory tubs are all the rage at our house, and the more we can vary them the better. This Valentine’s Day tub is super easy to create. The tubs from Walmart are my go-to for organizing or creating sensory bins I want to store. Find all of the details here.

19. Kids Valentine’s Day Craft Unicorn Paper Plate

Are you still in love with unicorns? I am. These fun creatures are always the best for crafts. Here you can find all of the details for the unicorn paper plate craft.

It’s great for a toddler if you precut all materials or an older kid who can do it themselves!

20. Valentine’s Day Toddler Sensory Bin Activity

toddler valentines day crafts

Colored noodles? Yes, please! This toddler sensory bin activity is a fun one for kids with the noodles being red. Find all of the details here to make your own.

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