We sold our home!

I’ve been keeping a little secret — we sold our home!  It’s been a wild few months for us, and I’m finally starting to catch my breath.  We knew that our Roscoe Village was not our forever home; however, we…

Healthy Superfood Salad Recipe

I normally do not pride myself on being great at making salads, but this superfood salad recipe was delicious!  Pandemic fatigue hit me like a freight train in March, and I’ve started focusing on the foods that go into my…

Peach Green Tea Smoothie Recipe

I love refreshing my routine in the spring and exploring new recipes like this peach green tea smoothie recipe.  Torani is my go-to syrup for all flavored beverages because it’s always delicious and easy to work with!  I love how…

Getting started is often the hardest part

I compiled a list of resources below from my favorite places to jumpstart your business. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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