A Kitchen Remodel Cost with Greige Cabinets

How much does a beautiful kitchen remodel actually cost?  I’m sharing the details behind our beautiful kitchen remodel featuring our greige cabinets.  We’ve all seen the HGTV specials for $10,000 remodels, but is that actually possible?

greige cabinets-all white kitchen- gold kitchen- cafe matte white

I can tell you that when your kitchen looks like the below image, you’re definitely not doing a $10,000 kitchen remodel.  I’ll save the additional photos for a proper before and after, but look at that ugly kitchen!

What goes into the cost of a beautiful kitchen remodel?

  • Designer (I designed our home myself, which saved ~$20,000)
  • Contractor labor & construction
  • Appliances
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops, backsplash & sink fixtures
  • Hardware & lighting

Designer & Contractors

While a designer would have been nice, I wanted to take it myself.  I wanted the challenge.  However, I did reach out to Kira David Design to vet my ideas.  She is a dear friend and graciously offered a package to assess my layout ideas with her.  I also knew we wouldn’t be able to afford a designer with our budget.  Our goal was to tackle as much renovation of our new 1990s home as possible, which you can find the before photos of here.

When it comes to a contractor, I genuinely can’t recommend The Matts Construction enough.  We priced out 3 contractors and I clicked with Matt immediately.  He understood my ideas, quoted everything in a way that was easy to understand, and most importantly, was on time!  Yes, our contractor, The Matts Construction was on time & did not go over budget.  I swear, he’s a unicorn. 


kitchen remodel cost-ge cafe matte white

Appliances are a huge decision.  They last at least 10 years.  When I budgeted for our kitchen remodel cost, I wanted something beautiful, functional, and with an element of design.  We immediately stumbled up the Café series and fell in love.  The cost of new appliances can range in cost from about $5,500 up to $20,000.  We partnered with Café on our appliances, which have a retail value of $11,500.

Greige Cabinets

When it comes to a kitchen remodel cost, cabinets eat up a huge chunk of the budget!  If you have cabinets that can be saved, the least expensive thing to do is certainly paint them.  We needed all new cabinets.  There are stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets start around $5,000 whereas custom cabinets can cost upwards of $20,000 (or higher!).  The cost is seriously crazy.

One of my big lessons learned is that stock cabinets essentially only come in white.  I wanted a cabinet color other than white.  While white is a safe choice, it’s been done and I desired something different.  However, I designed our kitchen with Café matte white appliances in mind.

Finding the right greige color is tough and basically custom.  Our cabinets are Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams and are custom.  However, they were a fraction of the price thanks to a contact from The Matts Construction (he is seriously such a gem).

Countertops, backsplash & sink fixtures

agreeable grey sherwin williams-kitchen remodel cost

For our backsplash, I wanted to run the quartz up the wall for a clean look, which is, of course, more expensive.  The least expensive option for a kitchen backsplash is subway tile.  It’s clean and very inexpensive.  The most expensive is granite or quartz because it’s a premium material.

However, our backsplash space was relatively limited, so I felt it was worth the splurge.  Again, The Matts Construction had a great contact who offered affordable pricing.  With our large island, backsplash, and countertops, the quartz cost about $5,000.  The backsplash was about $2,000 of that cost whereas a tile would have been more like $800-$1,000.

Now, finding the right gold sink fixture was a whole other challenge!  Ultimately, I found the Moen model that’s modern, with a pull-down sprayer and a beautiful gold color.  I bought it on Build.com, however, you can find it on Amazon, too.  I also absolutely LOVE our Blanco sink from Build.com.  It’s composite and cleans so well.

Gold hardware & lighting

kitchen remodel cost

Hardware was the easiest part of the design, and lighting was the hardest.  I instantly fell in love with the gold hex line at CB2.  They have straight pulls as well, but hex fit the adjoining bathroom we have so I opted for that.  I looked on Amazon for pulls in gold, and they were all cheap, to be honest. For all of our pulls, I spent about $400.

For lighting, oh boy was that a struggle bus.  I fell in love with the Claremont pendants from Serena & Lily, ordered them, and had the worst customer experience ever.  So bad that I will probably never shop there again.   After searching high & low at every store you can imagine, I found our pendants on Amazon.  They happened to be the cheapest too – what luck!  Pendants can cost $100 up to $1,000+ per light.  By the way, the paint color in our kitchen is Du Jour by Valspar.

Total Cost

  • Designer: $10,000+ (optional)
  • Contractor: $8,000+
  • Appliances: $5,000-$20,000
  • Cabinets: $5,000-$20,000+
  • Hardware: $100-$1,000
  • Sink & Sink Fixtures: $500-$3,000
  • Lighting: $100-$3,000

Keep in mind, anything at the low end of the spectrum is builder grade.  Think opening price point at Home Depot.  Our kitchen is more mid-tier in pricing, which includes brands like Blanco, Moen, CB2, and Rejuvenation.

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