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Managing work & home is a challenge more than ever with work from home parenting.  COVID-19 is quickly sweeping the nation and everyone is home.  Co-parenting is hard enough.  Work from home parenting is a whole new level!

It’s important to keep kids on a schedule. Without a routine, it’s bound to get a little stressful and/or frustrating at some point.  I believe it’s important to talk to your partner about how to handle the current schedule. Over-communicate when you need help and know that it won’t go swimmingly all the time.

Download my printable ‘Work from Home Parenting Schedule’ here

Work from home parenting tips 

We are one week in and co-parenting during the workday was better than I expected.  Here’s what works for us:

  • Set the schedule 2 days in advance.  Life seems to change too much beyond that.
  • Plan to end meetings 5 minutes early to change roles with your partner otherwise someone’s late!
  • When you’re working, HIDE!  Don’t let the little one see you, and don’t jump in to help because it’s your time.


I’ll be sharing some of the activities we’ll be doing soon!  If you do belong to daycare, don’t forget to ask them for lesson plans.  Our daycare will be sharing them for inspiration.  I also created a great list of educational toys that can easily be found on Amazon.

Keep in mind

This is a temporary situation.  Some days are going to be great.  Some days are going to be awful.  It’s OK.  Learn how to take time for you in this wild situation.  Enjoy the time as a family, too.  My guess (for at least The Herrmannitos) is this is the most consecutive amount of time we’ll ever have together so I’m doing my best to enjoy it.

Share your tips below!  Do you have any recommendations on the best way to manage work from home parenting??

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