Why I love the Britax One4Life

Shortly before Emmie’s first birthday, Britax gifted us the newly launched Britax One4Life.  It’s the first all-in-one car seat that’s Britax safe.  While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are genuinely my own.

Britax One4Life

The Britax team came to our new home to teach us about the car seat and answer any questions we had.  It was fun to have them over even though we were in the midst of our renovation as you can clearly tell!

Britax One4Life

It was cute because the whole family joined me and Matt got super into it!  Emmie was completely hamming it up, too.  I swear her personality exploded once she turned 10 months old.

What you need to know about Britax One4Life

I wish this car seat existed when Emmie was born because it’s the only car seat you need… EVER!  It seamlessly transitions from rear-facing infant and toddlers to a forward-facing harness to a booster seat.  At $374.99, that’s an amazing deal for a car seat in my opinion.  I will definitely be adding it to my list of favorite baby products, which you can also shop in my Amazon Store.

My favorite features

ClickTight Installation (aka the easiest install ever)

Matt & I installed the car seat in (literally) 45 seconds.  It’s 3 simple steps.  First, you lift the ClickTight door.  Then, you feed the seatbelt through both belt lap slots, place the seat belt into the buckle and click the ClickTight door closed.  Lastly, give the car seat a shake at the lap belt to ensure it doesn’t move more than an inch.  If it’s tight, you’re all set!

Fully customizable seat

With 9 reclining positions, you can recline your child to the perfect level.  I couldn’t believe how all-encompassing the seat is!

An incredibly safe seat

The exclusive Britax Safety Suite offers SafeCell Technology, an industrial-strength steel frame and a patented V-shaped tether.  What does that mean?  Well, SafeCell acts as a crumple zone so it essentially changes the velocity during a crash.  Plus, the seat has a V-shaped tether.  It contains stitches in a V-shape that rip individually in the event of a crash, which helps slow and reduce forward movement.

One seat to grow with your family

There aren’t many car seats out there that can grow with baby from infant to toddler to child.  The convenience of having one seat you know and trust is priceless.  It also makes it more affordable!  When we were shopping and preparing for baby, we researched tons of car seats.  One thing to know is it is not removable to fit into a stroller – it stays fixed in the car.  However, moving from car to car is a breeze!

Why Britax over other brands 

I love that Britax is a U.S. brand.  Everything is assembled and tested in the U.S.  It’s a ridiculously easy car seat to install from a brand that’s well-known and trusted.  I also realize I have insider knowledge here since I was fortunate to meet the Brand Manager, but she’s been with the brand for eleven years and is so passionate!  Anytime I meet an employee with that much passion, it’s hard not to buy-in.  To shop the Britax One4Life car seat head to the Britax website or shop it on Amazon.

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