3 Tips to Batch Work and Save Time

Have you heard that you can batch work and save time?  It’s a gamechanger once you get into the habit of it.  Batching your work helps to keep you efficient and effective, which means you’ll feel productive and happy.  Whether you’re running a side hustle or just trying to be a rockstar employee, batching work will make you more productive.  I follow these three tips to batch work and save time.


Set goals by week

Every month, I review my revenue plan and then set my goals for the month.  Once I have my monthly goals, I can set my weekly goals.  The discipline has been crucial to staying focused and accomplishing work efficiently and effectively.

Select a theme for the day

Another winning tip to batch work and save time is picking a theme for the day.  I’ll have my list for the day, but I’ll often make the theme a specific client or topic.  It helps to keep me motivated in tackling all topics in that area.  Setting goals that are attainable is key to feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

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Utilize Asana

I mentioned this in my recent post for The Marketing Greenhouse, but Asana is a gamechanger!  Within Asana, you can organize your work by projects.  It allows me to plan out my workload for the week or month and then execute against my checklist every day.  I love it because I can do the strategic planning I need, but also seamlessly execute without thinking about the bigger picture.  If you’re in a leadership position, you recognize the necessity of this duality.

Tell me, what are some of your key tips?

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