Why You Should Hire a Day of Coordinator

A day of coordinator is a small investment when you consider the cost of a wedding.  Did you know the average cost of a wedding in Chicago is $60,000?  The average cost of a day of coordinator can range from $2,000-$3,000 depending on what services you contract.  That’s only 5% of your budget.  You’re throwing one of the biggest parties of your life on one of the most important days of your life.  Isn’t it important it goes perfectly?  Here’s how a day of coordinator can help.

You will be more organized

A day of coordinator will do just that – coordinate your day.  He or she will ensure your contracts are fulfilled and bills are paid.  If you can afford to pay for a day of coordinator from your wedding budget, it’s most definitely worth it.  Putting together a timeline that ties all vendors together is extremely challenging.  For a coordinator, this is second nature.  They know the rough timing for each type of vendor and can quickly coordinate with vendors.  A timeline that would take you days could be done in hours by a coordinator.

You won’t sweat last minute details

Their job is to be obsessed with the details.  Coordinators are also highly creative people.  While it’s not in their scope, they’ll most likely propose a few ideas for you that are fresh and fun based on your style.  They’re trained to look for mistakes before a wedding.  A coordinator will often anticipate problems before they arise.  More importantly, they’ll settle your nerves before the wedding so you can mentally relax.

You’ll enjoy the day

A day of coordinator is like the conductor of the wedding.  He or she will ensure everyone is doing their job accurately.  If anything goes wrong, they’ll problem solve it on your behalf quickly and efficiently.  If they’re great at their job, you’ll never know what went wrong nor will any of your guests.  The coordinator will keep an eye out for the overall timing to make sure the day is flowing smoothly and adjust as needed.

How we can help

Girl Meets Party offers day of coordination services.  We also offer pre-wedding planning help through wedding consulting.  Essentially, Girl Meets Party can step in to provide help at any point in the process.  We can offer our thoughts on how to plan that particular piece or making vendor recommendations simplifying your planning.  Think of it as wedding planning, but for one small part of the wedding versus the entire event.  We love it because it empowers brides to spend their budgets efficiently!  For more information, check out our services.  You can also sign up for one of our free wedding bashes with Williams Sonoma!

When’s your wedding?  What are you struggling to plan? Share with us!


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