Why We’ll be Surprised With the Baby’s Gender

People have told me we’re crazy that we want to be surprised with baby’s gender.  How could you possibly not find out the gender when you know you’re able to?  Sometimes I think we’re as crazy as people have told me.  However, my gut tells me the surprise in the room will be so worth it!  Although I’m a type-A planner, there are a few reasons why we will be surprised with baby’s gender.

We want the surprise in the delivery room

Matt & I are both SO excited to start our own little family.  We’ve felt like a family just us two for the last few years, but adding a baby to the mix brings it to another level.  As much as a gender reveal party would be so fun, having that special moment as we become a family of three feels like a better bet for us.  There are so few good surprises in life.  Being surprised with baby’s gender feels like the perfect kick-off to our new trio.

We know we’ll be excited no matter what

I am 100% positive that it is impossible to be disappointed on a boy vs. a girl in the delivery room.  Once we lay eyes on our little one, I think everything will fall into place (as cliche as that sounds).  Part of me feels like if we find out ahead of time, we both would have that feeling of, ‘but what if ….’ or ‘but we’ll miss out on…’ because part of pregnancy is daydreaming about what’s to come.  You try your best not to set expectations, but it’s hard when you’re only imagining what’s possible.  If we’re surprised with baby’s gender in the room, we’ll be so consumed with their arrival that expectations won’t creep into the equation.

I don’t want to go overboard with planning

It’s no secret that I love to plan.  I started Girl Meets Party because I love to plan so much.  When it came to our wedding, I planned every last detail down to anniversary cupcakes.  There were 2 couples celebrating their anniversary the same weekend as our wedding and I planned cupcakes for them in their wedding cake flavor complete with personalized signs.  So, it’s safe to say I like details.

I mentioned in my most recent baby post that we will not be having a shower. This is partly because I’ve felt that if I knew the gender, I’d try to plan everything down to the last detail.  The truth is that you can’t plan for what’s about to happen.  If anything, having a tough pregnancy has taught me that you have to let any expectations or plans go.  After I was sick for nearly 24 weeks, I assumed the entire pregnancy would be rough.  Then, I magically started feeling better in the third trimester.  My expectations have been the opposite of reality the whole time so why plan much?

We’ve heard such amazing stories from parents that were surprised

We have a few friends that have been surprised by baby’s gender in the delivery room.  Each and every one of them has raved about what an amazing experience it was to find out in the room.  Their stories genuinely warm my heart.  Although it’s hard to wait, I know the wait will be so worth it!

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