What’s in a Diamond Ring, Anyway?

Before you start planning your wedding, there’s usually a proposal with a diamond ring.  If you’re exploring rings with your significant other, research what you want before you buy.  Today we’re sharing what goes into the specifics of a diamond.  This blue nile review is super helpful in understanding specifics.  Diamond ring choice is not a decision which you should enter into lightly. So, here are some of the main points which you should always keep in mind.


The cut and polish of the diamond are highly important considerations in the overall attractiveness of the stone. When you don’t know much about diamonds, it can be difficult to determine much about the cut.  A simple way of telling how good it is is by looking at the flashes of light and color which it produces. If there are lots of flashes of light, it is typically a better-quality stone. Otherwise, there may be a polish grade on the diamond certificate which you can look at.


A round diamond is hard to beat when it comes to the shine and flash of the stone. You could also look out for the ‘brilliant cut.’ A brilliant cut has 58 facets allows the light in and out of the diamond in a beautiful way. If you are looking for an engagement ring, square and princess cuts are also popular choices.  Both come in ‘brilliant’ format.


Though you may have thought that diamonds only come in a single color format, the highest grade of stone come in a colorless style and as you go down the line, the amount of yellow tint increases. While you may think that a colorful diamond will naturally look more attractive, a diamond with less color tends to be more receptive to bright and beautiful displays of light.


The material and design which a stone is set against can end up making a big difference to its appearance. For example, the bright white look of a diamond can be accentuated by white metals. Otherwise, yellow gold will add an extra sense of warmth to your jewelry.

Expert Advice

Though you can get plenty of information by reading online, you may well discover that you find out a lot more by going to the experts directly. Whenever you are going into a jewelry store, make sure that you come in armed with plenty of questions – and don’t be talked into getting anything which you are not entirely happy with. After all, this is a big decision and not one that you want to be rushing into. But if you also go in with a degree of knowledge which is based on the points that we have discussed above, you also have a better idea of what you are looking for, and the expert advice can simply end up complementing the things that you already know.

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