What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Theme

What will it bee gender reveal

A neutral gender reveal theme can be tough to create, but What Will It Bee gender reveal is truly perfect because you can easily add in pops of blue and pink. I designed this gender reveal party for my best friend (and go-to photographer) Lauren Michelle. It was ideal to make it gender neutral for the mommy to bee (see what I did there?)

what will it bee gender reveal party ideas

We’ve been longtime friends since college, and I was thrilled when she announced she was having her second baby. I browsed gender reveal party ideas and themes on Pinterest and ultimately settled on a What Will It Bee Gender Reveal.

Cute, not overdone gender reveal party themes can be tough to find, and I instantly fell in love with this one for her friends and family. Plus, I know she could play into it with future baby showers by adding more pink and blue depending on the baby’s gender!

A themed gender reveal has become super popular in the last few years. When I was pregnant with my first, we decided to be surprised. However, with my second pregnancy, we did a big reveal with balloon poppers, which I thought was a fun gender reveal, too. You can read more about it here.

Often times, planning a party can feel overwhelming for people. I always say to follow these steps:

Start with a theme

Setting a theme can be super challenging for people. Anchor in on an animal, colors or another object. Bees are clearly the theme here, so everything is centered around bees with yellow, black and white pops of color.

Themes can also be rooted in color palettes too. Pinterest is a great place to look for intricate and simple themes. I often create two to three mood boards to start in order to narrow in on my theme. Spending several hours combing through ideas, setting them aside and coming back to them is helpful, too.

Determine the most important decor

Let’s face it — costs add up quickly with parties. It’s important to set a budget and know what’s most important to you. you can choose between food, drinks, paper decor, invitations and sweets. Once you know the most important decor, you can determine what’s best for filling the full room.

The key to a good theme is planning a dynamite dessert table in my opinion. It focuses your decor to one area. Then, you can easily fill in the rest of the room with balloons, little banners and fun photos.

After you’ve determined the most important decor, earmark that as where to splurge in your budget. Other items can be add-ons. For example, with the What Will It Bee Gender Reveal, I splurged on the cake and cookies; however, bought all other sweets and flowers from a local grocery store. It kept all other details to under $50, which was key to a simple yet extravagant looking party.

What will it bee gender reveal details

I’ll share my tips & tricks to a seamless gender reveal party below, but my favorite details are most definitely the cookies.

what will you bee gender reveal

Party decor is one of my favorite things to figure out! I always splurge on gorgeous cookies that can also serve as a favor! I highly recommend picking up little baggies with ties like these so you can easily send people home with sweets. One of my other go-tos is dessert boxes like these so people can bring home any dessert.

The beehive cookies and cake design were the big splurge for this party. Want to know my secret trick? Fill in the rest of the dessert table with three other types of sweets from your local grocery store. It’s the least expensive way to create a delicious and affordable dessert table!

I frequently curate balloon garland myself as it’s easy to find great kits on Amazon. I linked the beehive kit below. If you decide to create balloon garland yourself, do yourself a favor and purchase a balloon hand pump. They are inexpensive and really help to simplify the process.

It took me roughly 3 hours to make this balloon garland. While that’s a decent amount of time, companies charge upwards of $1,000 or more for balloon garland, and I definitely think it’s worth saving the time.

For this sweets table, I added store bought chocolate chip cookies underneath the beehive cookies to give a full look.  Having a full plate makes it look more expensive than it actually is, and it’s also more attractive to the eye. Fullness is the key to a decadent sweets table regardless of where the sweets originated.

I bought 2 dozen cupcakes and added these bee charms to them. By having them on different size & heigh pedestals, you add texture and layering, which creates a pretty, full sweets table.  For this party, nearly everything was focused on the sweets table.

I didn’t opt for many games for this party as it was a small group of women getting together for our best friend; however, if it were a more formal shower, I would certainly add games. Amazon is a trusted source for games and Etsy is full of great ideas. Budget for shipping timing as things can get delayed and they’re often personalized for the event.

When thinking about personalization, I love to buy customized thank you cards for the guest of honor as a little gift. It’s fun for it to not only match the party, but be super useful for your honoree as well.

Keeping track of the details is time consuming. So, I track all of my purchases in a budgeting template to simplify how much I’ve spent as well as where everything is coming from.

Shopping list:

Image Gallery

A huge thank you to Belen Aquino Photography for these photos and ECBG for the beehive cake & cookies!  This party was so fun to put together and memorable for my best friend, Lauren.




Feel free to pin all of the imagery below for food for thought and share this article with friends and family. I love providing inspiration for people. If you decide to create a gender reveal theme based off of this one, please tag me on Instagram! I’d love to see – my handle is @jen.naye.

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