What to Watch Out for When Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. There are dozens of decisions that need to be made, and all of this can cause a lot of stress, even if you hire a wedding planner. Hiring a wedding planner or day of coordinator is ideal since you don’t have the experience, expertise, connections, or time that planners do. Today, we’re sharing five mistakes to avoid.

Trying To Please Everyone

Your wedding day should be all about you and your partner.  Put yourselves first. You love your friends and family, but there’s no need to bend over backward to make everyone happy. Of course, you’re going to want everyone to enjoy themselves, but it’s you and your partner that is most important.  Be a little selfish and make decisions based on what you want.

Completely Ignoring Your Budget

Determining your wedding budget is essential to planning.  We’ve created a wedding budget template to help you decide how much money you have to spend on each part. I always recommend selecting the top three most important parts of the wedding.  Know that you can splurge (within reason) on those items.  Everything else you need to stay in check in order to stay within budget. Every purchase you make has to be carefully considered.  It would be a shame to spend too much money on one thing and not have enough for something else.  It’s tough to balance ‘it’s only one day’ with ‘this is the most important day of your life.’

Booking Without Any Research

You need to start booking your suppliers and vendors as soon as you possibly can, but that doesn’t mean that you should rush and book the first companies you come across. You need to do plenty of research before you make any decisions. Don’t book hire caterers or a photography company simply because they fit into your budget or your friend hired them. Shop around a little and find people who are the best fit for you.  Also, start with booking your ceremony venue and reception venue first.  Once you have those two booked, you’ll be able to move onto other vendors.

Not Allowing Enough Time

Your wedding day should be fun and exciting, but it will be far from this if you start planning too late.  You need a minimum of 6 months to plan a wedding, and even that is a tight timeline. Planning your wedding day schedule is something that takes a while and a lot of thought. Speak to all of your vendors as soon as you can and find out exactly how long everything is going to take. This way you won’t feel like you’re being hurried down the aisle and also won’t have to face long periods of time with nothing going on.

Avoiding Asking For Help

Planning a wedding is a long, complicated, and exhausting process, which is why so many couples choose to hire a wedding planner for a little help. At Girl Meets Party, we offer full-service planning as well as day of coordination.  However, choosing not to hire a wedding planner doesn’t mean you should do everything alone. Although it might be scary to let go of the reins, it’s important that you ask your friends and family for some help now and then. This should keep your stress levels low and stop you from getting too frazzled.

What has you most worried about wedding planning?  Share with us below!

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