Wedding Invitation Tips to Perfect Your Big Day

If you are planning a wedding, then designing a wedding invitation is on your to-do list and we’ve created tips for you.  Your invitations set the mood for the event and give guests all of the necessary direction for your wedding.  Follow these invitation tips for a seamless day.

Define your style

Wedding invitations set the theme for your wedding.  Is it formal?  Casual?  It helps to have an idea of the type of event you are going to be having so that you can design the invitations accordingly.  If you’re struggling to set a theme, you can always hire a coordinator to help. Some styles include classic, modern, glam, relaxed and elegant.

Determine you colors

Think about the colors that you are going to have for your wedding and incorporate hues into your wedding invitation. Ivory and cream invitations are classic and cue a luxurious mood.  You can also opt for a black and gold font. If you want a more fun and casual feel, then include more color and consider metallic fonts or even bright invitation envelopes. The main thing that you have to do here is to keep the font style very clear, or else guests may get confused. If you need more tips, have a look at this wedding guide.

Choose your words carefully

It’s so important that you choose the wording of your wedding invitation carefully. You need to spell everything out, including the time of the ceremony. When you look at classic wedding invitations, there always tends to be a request line. You can change this in accordance with what you want to have, but at the end of the day, it is a great way for you to really make the invitation stand out.

Keep it simple

In addition to your names, the wedding invitation should include ceremony time, the location an RSVP card, and at least hint at the dress code. If you add too much information, it will look cluttered.

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