Valspar Neutral Paint Colors for the Whole House

The Best Valspar Neutral Paint Colors

When we remodeled our house, finding the perfect Valspar neutral paint colors for the whole house was one of our first challenges. I liked the wide variety of options Valspar paint offered for interior paint. Since they’re part of the Sherwin Williams family, I knew they’d be good!

The Kitchen: Valspar Du Jour

greige white gold kitchen valspar du jour

We tested Valspar Du Jour as well as White Dove. I found Du Jour to have the best, crisp and true white color whereas White Dove had more of a yellow/cream tint to it.

valspar paint colors for the whole house

I wanted the greige cabinets to speak for themselves as well as the Café kitchen appliances.  Plus, the natural lighting in the kitchen is breathtaking!

If you’re looking for white paint colors specifically, I wrote an entire post about the best Valspar white paint colors here, which includes warm whites. We actually used Du Jour for our hallways, too. It’s such a nice, fresh color.

The Living Room: Valspar Sandstone Grey

sandstone grey valspar

Sandstone grey quickly became one of my favorite paint colors. It’s warm and has grey and brown tones to it, which I love because it will flex with trends.

home renovation chicago home before and after

Our living room sunlight varied depending on the time of day, and Sandstone Grey looked great no matter what time of day.

The Office: Valspar Du Jour

chicago home before and after renovation valspar du jour

Since the office is lofted and connected to the staircase, I opted for a statement wall utilizing wallpaper. Then, I flowed Du Jour throughout the space. Can you tell I’m a huge fan?

Dining Room: Valspar Du Jour

west elm velvet curtains

We had so many colors in this room that I wanted the paint to be more of an accent versus a statement, so we opted for Valspar Du Jour here as well.

chicago home before and after renovation

The velvet currents sweep the floor and serve as a statement piece within the room. While a color would add richness, I hesitated due to the lack of sunlight in the space.

Primary Bedroom: Valspar Voyage

valspar voyage primary bedroom design

I love blue for a bedroom. I find it so relaxing, so when we were searching for Valspar neutral paint colors for our home remodel, I knew I wanted a blue or two in the mix.

Valspar Voyage is a cool, blue grey that’s very welcoming and inviting. It’s a nice even tone without skewing too blue.

Little Kid’s Room: Valspar Northern Hemisphere

valspar northern hemisphere

I *love* how rich Valspar Northern Hemisphere is. It’s the perfect balance with wainscot. This bedroom gets a lot of sunlight, but even with low or no light, it was a nice rich color.

I love how the pink rug complements the green wall paint in this room, too. The mix of colors is the perfect blend.

valspar neutral paint colors for the whole home

What’s great about Northern Hemisphere is that it is perfect for a gender neutral nursery. This color would work well with a cream rug to brighten up the room just as well as it works with the pink rug.

Don’t forget to get a paint sample for any color you plan to try! I love when readers reach out! You can always feel free to comment below or send me an email [jen at] with any questions.

To see our full home remodel before and after, click here. If you’re tackling your own home remodel, be sure to check out this home remodeling template.

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