Tour of a Designer’s Own Home

Designers are notoriously their own worst clients.  For some reason, it’s so easy for us to design spaces for other people but when it comes to our own, we second guess everything.  As soon as emotions get tied into a design, it gets tricky! Fortunately, I have a patient fiancé who shares a similar design aesthetic with me and has no problem voicing his opinion (for better or worse).

Today I’m taking you all on a tour of my own home!  We’ve been living in the South Loop for almost two years now and have slowly transformed our home so that it is a true representation of us as a couple and fits our needs perfectly.

First stop is our entryway

I recently refreshed this space with a warm white paint that completely transformed the windowless area and brightened it up. I kept things clean here with a white lacquer bench for shoes and a closed white lacquer cabinet (where I kept my sample library before moving into my office).  Every entryway needs a fun mirror for that lipstick touch-up before heading out the door and this brass diamond mirror fills the space and pulls in extra light while also adding visual interest.  When we first moved in here, we swapped out the wall sconces for these 5ft long linear sconces that wash the walls with light and create a bright, indirect glow.

Next is our kitchen

Photo by Dustin Halleck

Believe it or not, when we toured this apartment, it had dark walnut floors and oak kitchen cabinets. It had to be completely transformed (by surprise) right when we moved in. We had originally planned to sand and stain the floors but the day we closed on the condo, we learned that they could not be refinished and we had to replace them.  We chose a bleached oak to give a Scandinavian feel but going with that meant the oak kitchen cabinets had to go ASAP. I volunteered as tribute to strip and paint the cabinets myself.  Two weeks, 4 coats of paint and countless bottles of wine and tears later, they were done. Mike installed long stainless pulls on the cabinets to complete them which gave a much more modern aesthetic.

Our living/dining room is my favorite part of the apartment

Our previous owners just had one big sectional in here and no dining area.  Mike and I love to entertain so we made sure we’d be able to divide the space into both areas.  We installed this drop chandelier and painted the back wall a dark grey to create a statement wall.  Our table is a custom reclaimed wood piece with a matching bench to save space. I chose classic Eames chairs for our dining chairs to keep things modern and clean.  To create the living room space, we found a modular sectional that can completely be reconfigured based on our needs. We have white lacquer nesting tables inside the sectional that can easily be moved around to fit our needs (flexibility is key for smaller spaces!).

Our bedroom is pretty simple


I kept things calm in there to help us unwind at the end of the day.  Behind our low, wooden bed I did wall to wall blackout drapes. The wall here is almost all windows aside from about 18in of wood in the middle.  Doing drapes on each window would had just look bizarre, so it was better to just drape off the whole wall and “correct” the awkwardness of the wall.

Next is our guest room


Mike and I moved here from Boston three years ago, so a proper guest room was essential.  I designed this room to be as hotel-like as possible (if you ignore Mike’s huge desk and chair since during weekdays it’s his office).  Our bed is from Mike’s college days but it lifts up and provides a ton of storage for us, so we can’t seem to get rid of it.  Above the bed, I installed three linear mirrors to add some interest to the bed without too much visual clutter. Opposite the mirrors, I’ve created a gallery wall of our favorite trips we’ve taken.  The only color you’ll see in our home, hah.

The bathrooms are my pride & joy

We just renovated these this past summer and we could not be more thrilled with how they turned out.  Previously, these guys were beige and oak with the Hollywood vanity lights and oversized mirrors. We ripped everything out and replaced them with black, white and marble with a hex motif in both to keep things cohesive.

The guest bath is accented with brass accessories while we kept black fixtures and accessories in the master. We also got rid of shower curtains in both and opted for glass doors to make them feel as big and bright as possible.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home!

Photos by Dustin Halleck Photography

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