Toddler Lesson Plans | Week 1

Toddler Lesson Plans might be the toughest thing I’ve worked on this year.  Seriously, all of you teachers out there – thank you!  COVID gave me a new appreciation for all of the teachers out there. Since we decided to pull Emmie out of daycare, we searched for a nanny, found her, and I started creating lesson plans.

Here’s how we searched for our nanny.

Each week, I’ll share new toddler lesson plans with the plan, supplies you’ll need, and the links to shop.  Why?  Because momming this year is nearly impossible, and if I can help one of you, it is so worth it!  One tip?  I discovered Active Littles and it’s a gamechanger for easy printable handouts.

The toddler lesson plans formula

Here’s my formula in case you’d like to create your own plans.  Now, please note, I am not a trained professional.  I’m a mom trying to keep their child entertained without the Wiggles or Elmo on 24/7.  I create a mix of art, sensory, and fine motor activities.  I also try to mix in a theme.  We’ve been leaning into shapes and colors a lot lately, and it’s paid off.  Emmie learned all of her colors within the last month!

I’ll be using some downloads from Active Littles.  I highly recommend downloading her $4 workbook here.

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Week 1 Toddler Lesson Plan

I’ve designed a printable for the week, by day, and with a supplies list detailed.  You can download the full list below.

toddler lesson plans

Shopping List

You can easily shop at my Amazon store or the list below.  Once week one’s supplies are ordered, the subsequent weeks get significantly easier.  Most of these items you’ll have in your home; however, I wanted to make a comprehensive list to make it as easy as possible.

I hope this simplifies your life!! Cheers, Jen

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