Why We Chose Tile Outlet for a Bathroom Remodel

When planning our bathroom remodel, I explored Tile Outlet and a few other destinations.  I searched online and in-stores for the right look, right price and proper customer service.  There were a few key qualities that I loved about Tile Outlet separating them from the rest.

First, let’s chat style

I wanted something modern yet not too fussy to maintain.  Not too ‘Pinteresty’ was also at the top of my list – if you know, you know.  I loved the idea of a geometric shape.  It’s clean, simple and still interesting.  Wrapping it around the wall to maximize the bathroom size felt like a must-have for me so The Matts Construction tackled it.

Knowing that we have a baby (and maybe a dog someday), something easy to clean and maintain is key.  Price is a component too when it comes to children.  I veer away from anything too precious (aka expensive) because I find it makes you nutty trying to take care of it.

How about a little sneak peek?

I can’t resist sharing a few of the beautiful details now.  The hexagon tile we selected from the Tile Outlet is just breathtaking.

A sneak peek at the custom vanity and Kohler sinks.  Did you ever see the before photos?  The new bathroom is wildly different.  As I mentioned, I really worked to maximize the space of our 7′ x 5′ bathroom by wrapping the hexagon tile.  I chose the Sienna White 3×3 Hexagon, which looks more matte in real life than the website.  Our floor tile is the Metro Blue Honed 12×24.

Here’s why we love Tile Outlet

Free Samples

This may be my favorite aspect because if you’re like me, seeing something in the space is what makes it click.  At Tile Outlet, you’re able to bring home 5 free samples per day.  Honestly, I don’t know if I could have designed our bathroom without that ability.  I went to Tile Outlet several times, pulled samples and then met with our contractor, Matt, at the house.  Without the samples, we would be guessing, which would certainly lead to errors.  They kindly ask that you bring samples back, which I did when I ordered.  However, contractors are in and out of there all the time, too.  I’m sure your contractor could drop them off for you.

Superior Customer Service 

A few days a week, I have Emmie with me.  When we were designing the house, lived in the Boppy ComfyFit Carrier.  I remember being at Tile Outlet one day, pulling together my box of 5 samples and having a moment of, “hmmm how am I going to carry the baby and the 5lb box of samples AND open the car door.”  One of the staffers noticed I was processing it, and immediately asked if they could help me to the car. It really stuck with me.

The staff is also super attentive and friendly with pulling samples and taking orders.  I found them to be immensely helpful and always had a good experience.  To me, it’s even more important because remodeling a home is stressful so easy points are welcomed!

Affordable Prices 

I ran the gamut for our search looking at Tile Outlet, Floor & Decor, and big-box retailers for tile.  I found Tile Outlet to have the most competitive pricing.  Tile Outlet also had a great range in price.  They offer subway tile for a few dollars per square foot, medium-range tile for $8-$12 per square foot and then more premium tile that was $18+ per square foot.

Durable Products

We have lived with our bathroom for slightly over a month, so it hasn’t been too long.  However, I can say the products are super durable.  Our contractor recommended to account for breakage when ordering, but we did not have any breakage!  The tile held up very well during construction too.  Floors remained covered, but the walls were exposed as the kitchen and hardwood floors were finished.  Everything cleaned so easily and held up!

While this post is sponsored by Tile Outlet, thoughts and opinions are my own.  I actually approached them for sponsorship after having such a great experience shopping there.

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