A Summer Roadtrip to Door County

Chicago is an amazing city, but sometimes you just need to get away and enjoy the great outdoors. Door County, Wisconsin, has been my go-to escape for a long weekend vacation or a day trip.

It’s just a short 4 hour drive from Chicago (I say short because I got to sleep the whole way there and back – sorry Ted 🙂 ), and makes you feel that you have traveled outside of the Midwest. I’m not sure if it’s the water, boats, or old fashioned small town feel, but something about the area makes me feel like I’m on the coast of New England.

Door County is definitely one of my favorite weekend getaways so I wanted to share my top three reasons to visit and why you should go too! You can also download my Door County Travel Guide on My Petite Joys!

The Outdoor Activities

In just two and half days Ted and I got to kayak, go on a 10-mile bike ride, hike nature trails, and cook over a campfire with a Dutch Oven stove. We love being active and Door County gives you easy access to a ton of outdoor activities.

The Nautical Vibes

Door County is located on a peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The area has a long history with shipping and lies on important trade routes. The peninsula’s coast is dotted with cute harbor towns, boating piers, and lighthouses that reflect the area’s past. I love the New England feel that makes me feel like I’m farther from Chicago than I am.

The Water

I love being by the water and in Door County you can’t help but be surrounded by it. There’s nothing better then sitting on a dock or beach and hearing the the swishing of waves all around you. My favorite part was exploring the beach just before Washington Island. Instead of sand the beach was made of crushed seashells which I thought were gorgeous – just not fun to walk on in bare feet.

It’s such a pretty area and definitely we plan to go again next summer! Be sure to download my travel guide, and check out the other travel posts on Girl Meets Party!

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