Thoughtful Mother’s Day Workshop

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As an only child, Mother’s Day has always been special.  I love my mom—she’s my best friend. This year, it’s particularly special because now I’m a mom. Having Emilia makes me love it even more.  Plus, I’ve been fortunate to watch so many of my friends become moms! It’s so fun to watch your friends become parents.  You see a whole new side to them, which is exactly why I wanted to host a little Mother’s Day workshop using American Greeting’s Mother’s Day cards from Target.

Usually, I shop for all of my Mother’s Day cards as soon as they hit shelves. Finding the right card is essential, and American Greetings always has a great balance of sweet, funny, and creative. I actually had a hard time not buying all of the cards because they were so adorable. Plus, one word: Target. There must be something special in the air at Target because everything looks perfect and lands in my cart. I digress…. Anyway, this year, I wanted to switch it up from my normal card routine by hosting a Mother’s Day workshop.

Now that I’m a mom, personal time is limited and I really value face-to-face interaction.  Enter my idea for a Mother’s Day workshop.  My intent was to invite some of my new mom friends over for brunch to chat and write a Mother’s Day card to someone special in their life.  It doesn’t matter if they’re a mom to a child, a dog, or simply a maternal figure in someone’s life. An impactful woman qualifies as mom in my book! I picked up a handful of fun American Greeting’s cards on one of my daily Target runs for Emmie.

Then, I planned a simple brunch with ready-made items.  I’ve realized in the last few months that I can either set a beautiful table or make all of the food.  Handling both right now is a lot for me, so beautiful table it is!  I added green stemless wine glasses for water, too! They add such a fun pop of color to a spring table.

I pulled out my china and tied the napkin in a knot, adding some texture to the table.  I always love to set the table with a charger, so added the gold ones that I adore. Then, it was time to party. I brought Emilia for brunch to celebrate with my newly pregnant friend, Cara.

She’s due in August with a baby girl, and I couldn’t be more excited! We caught up and wrote Mother’s Day cards to people who are important to us.

I wrote a card to one of my best friends, Brooke, who’s a wonderful dog mom. You know those people who are amazing and people don’t tell them enough? That’s Brooke. She’s a selfless woman who rescues pit bulls. She bends over backwards for her friends, all because she’s a great human. American Greetings had the cutest card for dog moms! I just love how American Greetings seems to capture all personality types and styles.

My friend, Cara, was so sweet. She decided to write her card to her mom. There’s something about pregnancy that really makes you appreciate your mom that much more! If you’re struggling with what to write this Mother’s Day, check out the “What to Write” page on American Greetings website. They have great ideas!

Overall, it was a great brunch to kick off the spring season and a really great way to connect with my friends. Why not put a spin on this Mother’s Day and invite some friends over to write their cards? Plus, you can save on the cost of cards by using Target’s Cartwheel app. You’ll reconnect and have so much fun!

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