Third Trimester Pregnancy Update with Jen

It’s crazy to think that not only am I in the third trimester, but I’m only weeks away from having a baby.  As crazy (and probably dumb) as it sounds, I’ve just started processing that our tiny baby will be coming home with us – forever.  Well, I guess until they’re 18, but whoa.  Is this really happening?  Today, I’m answering your questions while I have about 8.5 weeks left to go.

1. Do you have everything all set to go?

No!  This is a big fat no.  It’s actually starting to make me a little anxious, but I know it will all fall into place.  I have a tendency to take on too much, and it’s safe to say I have between setting up our new office & thinking through a nursery.  I’m still struggling with how much I’ll decorate since I’m not certain how long we’ll be staying in our current place.

On the bright side, Matt has been awesome.  He even helped me pick out my breast pump, ha!  #HusbandGoals  I’ve been overwhelmed with all the things we need to get because I don’t want too much yet don’t want to be under-prepared.  Matt has done an amazing job of stepping in to help me figure it all out. We’re super focused on the baby’s room now.  We just purchased a glider that is super comfortable and found a dresser.  So, I’m feeling good about that.  We have our eye on a crib, but it’s going against the white trend so I’m still noodling on it!

2. Are you still wearing your pregnancy capsule wardrobe now that you’re, well, bigger?

Yes!  My pregnancy capsule wardrobe has actually worked out super well.  I’ve also been able to maintain variety by maintaining Rent the Runway Unlimited, which has been easier than I expected to use while pregnant.  I would say 3 out of 4 outfits fit every time if they don’t all fit.  I’d highly recommend using it, and you can use my discount code for Rent the Runway and get $30 off your first order.

3. Have you packed your hospital bag?

No, but I’ve been thinking about it!  First, I want to get the baby’s room settled.  I need the mental peace of knowing all of little Herrmannito’s clothes are put away and diapers are ready to go.  Then, I can tackle a few things for myself.  We also have a labor & delivery class in a few weeks, which will be really helpful to get me in the right mindset.  I’m trying to take everything one step at a time so I don’t stress myself out.

4. Are you still working out?

Yes, yes, YES!  I love my workouts and am so glad I’m feeling better to do them.  I had to take 4 weeks off because of back troubles and crazy heart palpitations, and now I’m back.  I’ve kept up with SoulCycle throughout my pregnancy and go 2-3 times a week.  I was doing barre at the beginning of my pregnancy, but once I turned 24 weeks, it no longer felt good.  I’ve had a ton of back problems from the weight gain and barre tends to aggravate it, so I’ve stopped.  I’m hoping to go back to Pure Barre though post-baby to tone up!

5. What’s your plan the next 8 weeks?

Well, it’s more like a plan for the next 5-6 weeks.  Full term is technically 37 weeks, and I have my fingers crossed that I can finish everything and have a week or two to relax before the baby arrives.  I’m trying to get the office fully set up in the next 2 weeks so we can start hosting people.  We’ll have a workshop coming up with Crowning Event so stay tuned for more info on that!  

Matt & I are also trying to tackle the baby’s room over the next 2-4 weeks.  We’ve done a significant amount of rearranging in our new condo, too.  My goal is to finish the design so I can share it with you all!  Then, there’s prepping our little business in advance so I can fully enjoy maternity leave.  I’ll spare you the boring details but there is a ton to do!

6. Are you working until your due date?

Yes!  I’m hoping to start to wind down work across the board, but that may be wishful based on how things are going.  We have been incredibly busy on the Girl Meet Party front as well as a few other things I have going on.  There’s no complaining though because that’s positive momentum that I’ve fought so hard to create so I appreciate it.  I really want to maximize my time with our little Herrmannito when he or she arrives.  If I need to work like a crazy lady to be able to solely focus on being a mom when baby arrives, so be it.  We’ll get there!

7. Have you guys settled on names?

Kind of. We definitely know our boy’s name.  It’s …. JK I can’t tell you – Matt would kill me! ha!  Our boy’s name is very classic and has family meaning behind it.  I’m absolutely in love with it, and we agreed on the name instantly.  The middle name has been a little up for grabs lately, so we’ll see where that nets out.

For a girl, we’re totally lost.  OK, I shouldn’t say totally lost, but very confused.  We have a list of about 4 first names and another combination of middle names that we like.  We don’t quite have a lead name though.  I’m planning to go with the flow.  I don’t want to obsess over a name and we don’t even know if it’s a girl.  If it is a girl, I’d say she’s already asserting herself to tell me to chill out, which I’m OK with.

8. Do you have coming home outfits ready to go?

This seems to follow a similar pattern to the names.  For a boy, I do!  I have the cutest little outfit with his name printed on a cap.  For a girl, I need to pick something out.  I initially wanted to get a little hat with her name, too.  However, with so many names in the mix, that’s not going to happen.  I will pick a little something out for her, but it won’t be quite as personalized as baby boy’s outfit.

9. Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?  I still can’t believe you’re not finding out!

Oh gosh, I don’t know.  I still flip back and forth all the time.  I was on a girl kick for a few weeks.  Now, I kind of think it’s a boy again.  I’ve had dreams about both genders.  I do think it’s funny that all of the boy things have come more naturally to me – name, clothes, going home outfit.  For the girl side of things, I’ve had ideas, but am just not sure what seems right.  I think this either means this little boy fits into our existing world perfectly or a little girl is about to flip shit upside down.  Either way, it’s going to be a fun challenge!  I can picture both for us.

Now that the little Herrmannito is kicking all the time, it’s made me more curious.  Who is this teeny active person that never chills out?  It’s funny because some days I’m like, ‘Can’t you just relax like other babies I hear about?’ and I immediately laugh because Matt has said to me for YEARS, ‘Can’t you just lay on the couch on Sundays like a normal human?’  Something tells me I’ve met my match and I don’t even know it yet… 

10. Have you made a birth plan?  Or set a plan with friends & family for visitation?

Matt’s favorite quote when we were dating was, ‘No plans are the best plans.’ and it used to drive me nuts.  However, when it comes to my birth plan, it fits me to a tee!  My goal is to get the baby out safely and as fast as possible.  The way I see it is the doctor is the expert.  I trust my doctor and her colleagues.  I plan to get an epidural and from there just see how it goes.

We have no plans or rules for visitation either.  Both of our parents are invited to come to the waiting room and wait for the little one to arrive.  I have no expectations though because you could be in labor for a few hours or more than a day.  My parents are about 30 minutes away and Matt’s parents are 2 hours away, so we’ll just have to play it by ear.  I figure we will share the news with friends and then invite them to the hospital if we’re up for it.

The only thing I care about is I want Matt & I to be the ones to share the news with people that we love vs. a mass text going around.  Knowing that we’re most likely having an only child, I want to be able to experience all of the things with this little one and that includes telling people the gender and name.

11. What’s the one thing you’re most nervous for?

Honestly?  Breastfeeding and post-partum.  I have heard horror stories about breastfeeding, and I’m frankly petrified of it.  I’m also worried that it’s going to be so tough that I’ll need to make the call if I can do it or not.  I know that you can’t anticipate what’s going to happen though so I plan to do the best I can and we’ll go from there.  I was formula fed, and I’d say I turned out OK so I’m open to it.

Post-partum scares me, too.  I’m such an on-the-go person that to be home non-stop with a newborn and actually focusing on one thing (the newborn) makes me nervous.  I’m hoping I’m pleasantly surprised here, too.  If not, I plan to mix it up by staying at my parent’s house one day a week or so to change it up.  Then, Matt can get a little break, too, while I’m on maternity leave.

12. What’s the one thing you’re most excited about?

I am SO excited to grow our family.  There are so many fun things that I’ve wanted to do over the years with our nieces and nephews around the city that are more child-oriented.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to figure out the logistics, and then it hit me.  We can do all of those things now with our own child!  How cool!  I can’t wait to see what this little baby looks like and acts like.  I’m so excited that I’ve been given the gift to raise a tiny human.  I get to shape someone’s life firsthand. That’s a real honor, and I’m looking forward to it so, so much!  I can’t wait to see Matt in his new role as Dad and to see how our relationship evolves.  I’m certain we’ll have our challenges, but overall, I think it’s going to be awesome.

13. How do you juggle a business that is growing and changing as quickly as your body is?

This is a great question from my friend, Belinda.  Honestly, you just go.  I’ve tried really hard to focus on my goals by week and by month and then just focus on the task at hand.  The last trimester has been easier because I’m finally feeling better, but it’s tough.  I’m pretty burnt out and definitely not at full capacity.  I’d say I’ve learned to be really gentle with my body and cut myself some slack.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, everyone is busy.  If you want something so bad, you’ll find a way to make it happen.  That’s what I’m doing now.  I focus on what’s best for the business, what will make us money and what makes me happy.  If I stay focused on that, we continue to grow.

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