The Weekly Haul: 10.15.21

Well, we made it to move week!  This update is nearly all baby and moving plans because that’s life right now.  I shared more about plans here and talked about it last week, too! I’m starting to shift my focus to more personal projects as I get ready for baby and it feels really good.  I’ve been hustling at The Marketing Greenhouse 6 days a week for a while now (mainly because we’re also pandemic parenting) so slowing down with consulting feels like the break I need.

the marketing greenhouse

What happened this week:

This week we unexpectedly got into our new house early!  We started painting and were able to gain access so it kicked-off moving activities a few days early.  I had to pull a fast pivot because we’re painting our kitchen island and the color did not come out as I expected.  I even following my paint picking tips! At any rate, we changed it on the fly!  It gave me a flashback to our remodeling in Chicago, and I will tell you, it is WAY harder this time juggling details with pregnancy brain.  Here are all of the colors we looked at:

We opted to go with Lush for the island.  Initially, we tried Garden Path, but it was way too light.

It’s also been busy as we’re nanny-sharing with Emmie’s cousin and driving to their house several days a week.  Once we move, they’ll be close by, but until then it’s about 30 minutes each way.

I also had to go in for a 3 hour glucose test because my levels were elevated in the first test.  Woof that was a long 3 hours!!  Fingers crossed for good news about the test, but baby boy is doing great.  I am *so* excited to meet him!!  I shared on our podcast this week that we picked out a name!!  It feels so him.

With my pregnancy with Emmie, we were surprised by the gender, so it wasn’t as easy to connect to the baby.  I think I’m also trying to soak in all of the (even uncomfortable) moments because I know this is the last time I’ll be doing it.

What’s on my mind:

All things move!  My brain is swimming in details and fueling my pregnancy insomnia.  I’m really excited to slow down at work and start to prep for baby and enjoy some really fun collaborations coming up.  Housing content is back, baby!

I did some reflecting this week, too.  I have felt so unsettled over this time period, and realized that it’s because we don’t have a home.  I know, I know… it sounds obvious.  However, when you really sit down to digest it, not having a home base is very jarring.  It unnerves you in ways that I don’t think we consciously realize.  We have all good changes on the horizon, but I’ve been working on paying more attention to my feelings (good and bad), so I can process them to move on.

What we’re working on:

Q4 gets me into planner mode, which is my happiest mode if you didn’t know.  I have been brainstorming so many fun ideas between my blog and The Marketing Greenhouse.  We’re working on a new capability with The Marketing Greenhouse, and I’m excited and super nervous about it.  My discomfort is super high, which I know is good for growth.

For blogging, I’m really excited to dive back into more partnerships.  I have some *big* ones planned for the house and it’s going to be super fun.  My newsletter and graphic materials are also going to get a little love if I can find the time.

What I’m looking forward to:

Being normal! Just doing every day activities and having a nanny on regular schedule.  It’s been a game of hot potato since early April, so just getting to some normalcy sounds really refreshing right now.

I also am getting my COVID booster soon, and I’m really excited about that.  Heading into cold & flu season, I want to be as safe as possible for baby boy!

See you next week! xx Jen

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