The Little Things That Make A Great Dinner Party

We’ve all experienced that moment of madness where you decide to through a little dinner bash at your place, sending out a message on your WhatsApp group telling the girls it’s high-time you all got dressed up for an evening of nattering and nibbles and fine wine. It’s that sense of adventure, of entertaining, of playing the hostess with mostess.

But then, usually about four days before the date you pinged into everyone’s phones, that excitement turns to panic. You start over-thinking it, worrying that you can’t manage something so overly-complicated and stressful and type out cancellation message, your thumb hovering over the blue send button.

But don’t do it.

Playing hostess is not hopeless. In fact, it can be simple and fuss-free where you don’t sweat the small stuff. So, without further ado, here are some tips to make your next dinner party nothing but fun:

1. Pick The Perfect Group

The secret to a great dinner party is choosing friends who all get along super-well, people that share similar interests and have plenty of things in common. That doesn’t mean you can’t invite a bit of wildcard or two to spice things up, just make sure they’ll fit in with the others. You want people that bounce off one another, that feel comfortable in each others company and know how to let loose.

2. Stick To Your Safe Zone

This is not the time to be trying out a complicated Martha Stewart recipe you’ve never attempted before. No way. You want to go with some dishes you’ve whipped up a few times before, even if that means having a few trial runs with a fancy new dish you discovered a couple of weeks ago. You also want to pick dishes that steer clear of the “driving me crazy” category. No constant stirring or flipping or checking. You want to entertain, right?

3. Set A Sweet Atmosphere

When it comes to the atmosphere, there are two things that will hit your guests the moment they open your front door: the smell and the sounds. Now, fingers crossed your cooking will cover the scent side of things but, if you’re just doing finger foods, then head to and bag yourself a small-space diffuser you can control with your phone. As for the tunes, you want to have an awesome playlist that will set the mood. Spotify has a playlist for every occasion, but if you can’t find anything, go with Miles Davis, Ella F and The Rolling Stones.

4. You Set The Tone

We can’t stress this enough: the party attitude starts with you. Always. So try and stay relaxed and cheerful, and laugh off any misfortunes that might happen. Yeah, you might have burnt the veggies and the cake didn’t quite rise, but who cares. The chatter was great and the drinks were flowing – that’s all that really matters. The other thing you can do is great your guests in a really laid back manner. We’re not saying use the word “dude” a lot. We mean greet them in slippers or barefoot, with your hair half done. It will set a more chilled out vibe.

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