The Girl Meets Party Studio – Before & After

We were searching for the perfect first location for the Girl Meets Party studio and conveniently landed in Southport Corridor in Chicago.  Suree & I were on the hunt together to find the ideal place that had perfect sunlight for photo shoots as well as enough space for small get togethers.  When we walked in, we immediately fell in love with the den.  The wrap around windows sitting amidst the treetops was breathtaking.  There was only one issue, it was super dated.  Not scared of a little (or not so little) project, we decided to take it and revamp it.

How we planned the space

We were SO excited to partner with RoomMates Decor on the wall coverings.  I was on the hunt for removable wallpaper after some Pinterest exploration.  RoomMates Decor had the best patterns.  I’m so glad we partnered with them because it’s SUPER easy to put on, and honestly, super easy to take off, too.  In full transparency, I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I first did the floral wall and I did not line everything up properly.  It didn’t look right, so I ended up redoing that wall.  It was a blessing in disguise, because I discovered the wallpaper is actually super easy to peel off – just go very slow.  Think of it like a price tag sticker on a plate.

The Office



The office was the best space to begin with in my opinion.  With the wraparound windows, it had the most potential and just needed the addition of color.  We opted to hang drapes to frame the space.  With matching desks and chairs flanking either end, it all came together pretty quickly.

The Living & Dining Room



The living room & dining room required more work for us than the office.  While it was freshly painted, it’s an off-white, which can be a little tricky to decorate.  So, we added white drapes to brighten the space.  We also swapped out both light fixtures to add pops of gold making it more eye-catching.

The living room has an amazing fireplace & bookshelves that we immediately wanted to style.  Hunting for the decor was one of the most fun parts of the project.  Then to add some texture to the space as well as have an ideal area for photos, we used the shattered wallpaper in white from RoomMates Decor.  Having the wallpaper behind the buffet is perfect for sweets tables as well – ideal photo opportunities everywhere!

The Kitchen



The kitchen was by far the most amount of work.  Since we’re renting our space, we couldn’t do anything permanent.  We initially opted to cover the cabinets in removable wallpaper from RoomMates Decor, but the pattern I selected looked a little off.  We ended up leaving the wallpaper on the cabinets & painting it as well.  I was thrilled with this option since I knew that it was so easy to take off.

We also added the removable marble wallpaper to the countertops and a backsplash to brighten the space.  Since the backsplash was not removable, I used extra wallpaper I had from RoomMates Decor to create a foundational layer, so we can still peel it off.

The Photo Shoot Room



We completely transformed a sunny bedroom to be the perfect space for photo shoots with one floral balloon wall as well as a more neutral wall.  For the floral wall, we opted for the floral wallpaper.  For the more neutral wall, we selected the hexagon paper with hydrangea paper as artwork.

How to book the space

We’re thrilled to host parties of 25 or less for events, workshops and get togethers.  For more information, contact us.

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