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The History Behind My Green Mattress 

My Green Mattress was founded by a father with the need to make a hypoallergenic and non-toxic crib mattress for his infant daughter.  She was suffering from severe allergies and eczema. The Emily Organic Crib sparked an entire line of organic mattresses from the nursery to the primary bedrooms.  

At 25, the current owner, Tim, purchased the company.  He had been with the organization his entire working career and was so passionate about it, he bought it!  Can you imagine that conviction at 25?  Now, that’s impressive.  The prior owner stayed on for a set period of time, and then Tim took the reins and ran with it.

If there’s a word to describe Tim, it’s meticulous.  His attention to detail is unmatched.  Furthermore, I love that he’s folding his family into the business.  As an entrepreneur myself, I think the most successful businesses are those that naturally integrate your family. 

Why My Green Mattress is the Best Organic Mattress

I love that healthy sleep for your family is the number one priority of My Green Mattress.  Plus, they’re a family owned, certified organic, made in the USA company.  You don’t find that often these days.  If I had to sum up why My Green Mattress is the best organic mattress in one word, it would be transparency. 

If you take nothing else away from this blog post, it’s that My Green Mattress is a reputable, transparent company that takes care of its customers every step of the way.  The way the product is created is so admirable, it almost feels like an added bonus that it’s ridiculously comfortable, too!


The awards seem endless with My Green Mattress.  They received an esteemed GOTS and GOLS organic certification from the Trade Union in 2019. GREENGUARD Gold and OEKO-TEX are the toughest standards for a mattress to achieve. My Green Mattress has both.

GREENGUARD Gold helps manufacturers create – and helps buyers identify – interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used.

OEKO-TEX standard 100 identifies textiles tested for harmful substances and ensures textiles have been manufactured under sustainable and socially responsible conditions.

Plus, My Green Mattress offers a global organic textile standard, which ensures mattresses are made from organically grown, harvested and processed materials, manufactured in our facility in an environmentally and socially responsible way, and labeled and stored in our facility in a way that is easily trackable.

These certifications put my mind at ease because I know it’s good for myself and my family.  I had no idea there were so many chemicals in our mattresses.  It’s something that hasn’t been discussed much until recent years.

Benefits of My Green Mattress

When you purchase a mattress from My Green Mattress, your family is protected from the dangerous chemicals often found in conventional mattresses, including formaldehyde, flame retardants, and VOCs emitted from materials like polyester and polyurethane foams. Instead, My Green Mattress makes their mattresses from only eco-conscious, sustainable, organically grown and processed materials like organic cotton, organic wool and organic latex that are healthy for you and good for our planet.

They offer a variety of mattresses for kids and adults, but I also love that it’s not too many options.  It’s easy to get lost with all of the features and benefits.  With My Green Mattress, there are a handful of products that are back by countless certifications and awards. 

The Natural Escape is the most luxurious handcrafted organic mattress from My Green Mattress, and it’s perfect for adults. 

The Natural Escape is crafted by hand with a 5-zone pocketed coil innerspring that offers lumbar support and a supportive edge. The spring system is covered with three inches of GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex that is breathable and conforming. It suits a wide range of body types and sleeping positions. 

For kids, you’ll certainly want to check out the Emily Crib Mattress and Kiwi Mattress, which I share in detail below.  We have the Kiwi Mattress for Emmie’s room.  

My Green Mattress offers a risk-free 120-night sleep trial, a 20-year warranty and products are made to order and shipped free across the country in about 2 weeks. Veterans and first responders can apply for an additional $50 off their order. 

Curious how they stack up against the competition?  Check out this blog post about My Green Mattress vs. Avocado Green Mattress.

A Tour of My Green Mattress 

I was fortunate to virtually tour the factor, which was so fun.  The most shocking thing to me is that there is a hand-touched element every single step of the way.  I fully expected to see machines every step of the way managing the process.  While machines assist the process, they’re certainly not leading it.  

Through the tour, I was able to see the embroidery, tight stitches and fasteners, built in lumbar system (in some models), and the hand tufting. 

Hand tufting was the most impressive (well, next to the roll packing process).  By hand tufting the mattress, which is as it sounds, done by hand, it allows My Green Mattress to provide the most secure way to minimize as many chemicals as possible. 

The roll packing process is just super cool to watch.  You see this giant machine delicately fold the mattress like a burrito and then gently wrap it up and drop it into a box. 

My tour also included an enjoyable conversation with Tim, the owner.  I learned that My Green Mattress has been able to fill all commitments throughout the pandemic.  They also kept their staff whole.  That’s unheard of!  

They forecasted materials very well and just focused on fulfilling orders, which allowed them to honor their commitment in delivering your new mattress within 7-10 business days.  Isn’t that incredible?

Tim carved out the time to personally take me on a tour, which impressed me.  However, I quickly figured out that’s his passionate personality.  He’s approachable and dedicated.  Even over zoom, you could quickly pick it up based on how happy each staff member was to see him every step of the way. 

Why My Green Mattress is the best kids’ mattress

Similar to our last move, as soon as we knew where we were going, I started planning Emmie’s room.  Last time it was her nursery, which I still love.  This time, it was all about her big kid room, and I knew I wanted bunk beds.  

After researching what seemed like high and low, I landed on My Green Mattress.  I loved that they offered organic mattresses, but also the proper height for bunk beds.  Finding toddler beds that offer organic materials or natural materials feels like a tall order until you look at My Green Mattress – they offer it all.

There are two go-to mattresses for kids: the Emily Crib Mattress and the Kiwi Mattress.

Kids’ mattress details

The Emily Organic Crib Mattress is handmade using GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool, and GOLS certified organic coconut coir—a breathable, pressure-relieving pad made from organic coconut fibers that are bound together using organic latex.   

The Emily Organic Crib Mattress is certified organic from the Control Union, non-toxic, and naturally flame-retardant. It offers the perfect combination of safety and healthy support for your baby. 

The award-winning Kiwi mattress from My Green Mattress is a firm yet contouring mattress.  That’s what makes it the perfect choice for growing children or for adults who are looking for an affordable hybrid mattress. 

You’ll never believe all of the benefits.  The Kiwi mattress is handmade with a pocketed coil innerspring and all-natural and hypoallergenic materials, including: GOTS Certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool, and GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex. The Kiwi Twin and Full are very popular for young children and also come in standard bunk sizes. Also available in 2-sided for longevity.  

In Emmie’s room, we have the Kiwi mattress in a full on her bottom bunk and the Kiwi Bunk Bed mattress on the top bunk.  The bunk bed mattress is important because it has a shorter spring system to match the 8 inch height requirement of most bunk beds. The Kiwi Bunk Bed mattress is comparable to the Kiwi mattress in support and feel.

Our Experience with My Green Mattress 

We have had a wonderful experience with My Green Mattress thus far.  As they promised, I received a call from their delivery company several days in advance to schedule our order.  They were on time, brought the mattress directly up to Emmie’s room, and were super friendly. 

The best part was unboxing it.  You open the box to a perfectly roll packed mattress.  Matt and I cautiously unboxed it (as you can watch), and it immediately took shape.  Unlike other boxed mattresses we’ve tried, there were no funky smells or need to let the mattress “settle” before using it.  

The Kiwi Mattress has been extremely comfortable.  I can attest as I have a toddler that loves to have sleepovers, ha!  I find myself crawling into bed more than expected sometimes.  I’m not mad about it because it’s just so darn comfortable! 

Curious about something I didn’t share?  You should search their blog, which is full of information about latex hybrid mattresses, firmness levels, different size beds and so much more.

Shop the My Green Mattress Black Friday sales!

My Green Mattress is going BIG for this holiday season!  You can save up to $225 off a mattress with the code HOLIDAYS!  Be sure to use my link to shop here for your new mattress!

If you’re searching for a mattress or are even considering it, you should absolutely check out My Green Mattress.  Plus, they have a Black Friday sale.  Offers like these don’t come along too often. Plus, you know that they’re delivering in a timely and reasonable timeframe with free local delivery to the Chicagoland area! 

It’s shocking that while the rest of the country is struggling to get product to places on time, My Green Mattress thrived. They managed to buck all trends and continue to impress customers.

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