Three Reasons to Take More Photos

Memories are a fleeting moment in time.  Capturing them through photo or a written log helps them live on forever.  They become moments you can share with your family and friends for decades to come.  Today, we’re sharing why you should capture these moments.  

Anchor in the most uplifting moments

Some of life’s biggest moments – getting engaged, getting married and having a baby – deserve to be captured by a professional photographer.  When looking for inspiration, we stumbled upon wedding photographer,, who captures these moments in Johannesburg.  For the big moments, hire a professional and try to take professional family photos every year. 

Catalog memories in a photo album

Have you ever seen photos of your parents or grandparents from when they were young, and spent ages staring at those pictures in awe, and imagining yourself in their shoes?  Photos have an incredible ability to transport us into other people’s lives for a time. When we document the major events in our lives with photography, we also create a record for the future generations.  Your wedding photo album, for example, might have an incredible and uplifting impact on your future children.

Remember the Little Details

No matter how good your memory is, there will always be certain details of events that slip your mind. While you likely have a good recollection of your wedding day, for example, you might have forgotten about that flamboyant novelty bow-tie that one of your relatives was wearing, or about the specifics of how your hairstyle looked that day.  Photography can help you to “remember” some of the small and endearing details of your life experiences, which may not be major enough in and of themselves for you to remember down the years, outright.

Featured image by Upsplash.  

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