Surprising Ways Your Life Will Change After Having A Baby

It’s a no-brainer to suggest your life will change after having a baby, but aside from the expected lifestyle changes – say goodbye to your beauty sleep for a while – there are other, more surprising changes that you may have never considered.  Here are just a few of them.

You will stop caring about having a clean and tidy house.

Baby will paint your home with food, pee, and poop. There will be toys everywhere. Dishes will pile up in the sink. Your energy levels will be at such a low that you won’t have the time or inclination to have a proper cleanup. You will be house proud no more!

You will never travel lightly again.

You’re going to need a bigger car! Booster seats, buggies, change bags, toys…your baby’s stuff will take up loads of room, and that’s not including anything you want to bring along on trips out. Our advice, head over to if you need a cash injection to buy a car, and look for the cheapest rates. Because…

You will never have enough money.

Babies are expensive, so you are going to become frugal by necessity. Say goodbye to takeaways, high-end fashion, and those other luxuries you enjoyed before baby was born. Say hello to baby clothes, diapers, wipes, cuddly toys, baby food, and so on and so on! To help you avoid blowing your budget, check out the mommy saving ideas at They should prove invaluable!

Your priorities will change.

Rather than thinking about yourself and what you want, your attention will be shifted to your baby. While your dress style takes a dive, your baby will become your fashion doll. Whereas you used to care about styling your kitchen and living room, you will be more inclined to drool over the nursery designs on my site. Rather than spend a night out on the town, you will be content to share your evening cozied up on the sofa with baby in your arms. Say hello to your new number one (and then be prepared to clean up their number two). Sorry!

Your tv won’t be your own.

Say goodbye to Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones, and your favorite soap operas. Say hello to Bubble Guppies, Masha and the Bear, and all the other inane things your child loves to watch, but you will only endure. Your Netflix watchlist will never look the same again!

You will become a superhero.

Wonder Woman will have nothing on you. Every time your baby wanders somewhere they shouldn’t, you will move at lightning speed to rescue them from harm. You will hear your child’s cries from a mile away. You will fend off strangers with a mighty glare. You will develop eyes in the back of your head. You will discover skills you never knew you had. You are Super Mom!

Yes, your life will change, but here’s the thing. You won’t care! Not all of the time anyway. Your child will bring you so much love and joy that you will rarely regret giving up the life you used to have. Welcome to motherhood!


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