The Simplest Way to Change Your Name

So you made it down the aisle and you’ve decided to change your name.  Now what?  Let’s be real, you’ll change your name on Facebook and update to the perfect wedding shot for your profile picture.  When you’re ready to [officially] change it, follow these steps below.  They’re perfect to ensure you can keep your routine and enjoy being a newlywed!

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1) Start your name change with three copies of your marriage license & create a list of what needs to be changed

The first thing to do is to decide the major items you need to change.  For example, you may have:

  • Drivers License
  • Social Security Card
  • TSA Pre-Check
  • Airline profiles
  • Bank accounts and credit cards
  • Store credit cards and more!

First and foremost, you need your marriage license in order to change your name.  I recommend ordering three copies of your marriage license when you order it because not every company sends it back.

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2) Begin with your social security card and TSA Pre-check

To change your social security card, simply visit a social security office near you and bring your license (or a state ID), a completed application and a marriage license.  Even better, the lines are super short and you’ll receive your card in the mail inside of 2 weeks.  Once your social security card is changed, your name is technically changed.  However, you can still use your license for all flights until you change your name.

The second item to immediately change is your TSA Pre.  Shockingly, TSA Pre can take up to 6 months to change.  To start the process, simply call TSA at 866-289-9673 to initiate the process.  Once you tell them your married name, you’ll be entered into a waiting queue to be contacted at a later date for your marriage license – this step can take up to 3 months.  Once you contacted via email regarding submission of your marriage license, you’ll simply scan your marriage license.  From there, it will take up to another 3 months to process.  Once it’s complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email.  We highly recommend waiting to change any other items until this goes through so you can continue to use your TSA Pre when you fly.

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3) Get ready for that new license photo

So, you’ve changed most of the big items, now it’s time to tackle your license.  First, visit your DMV website to double check all of the necessary documents.  You’ll most likely need your

  1. Current license
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Two pieces of mail proving residency (think bills, not magazines)

Once you visit the DMV, you’ll be set to tackle all other important items.  We recommend tackling your airline frequent flier accounts and bank accounts next.  Although these can be tricky, it all starts with calling the customer service line.  They will tell you where to scan or fax a copy of your marriage license.

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4) What’s that Frozen song, again?  Ah, that’s right ‘Let it Go’

Living in a digital world means hundreds of accounts associated with one email and one name.  Some you can easily change.  If not and you’re not invested heavily in a points system, let it go and start a new one.  Think of it as a great opportunity to remove clutter!

Trying to decide how many places you’ll need to change your name?  Consider investing in, a site known to organize a list for you by simply typing in your name, email and a few basic details.   The important thing to remember is with each change, you’re celebrating your union with your new spouse!

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