Selecting Baby Shower Invites with Basic Invite

Hosting a shower or helping to select the baby shower invites for your own?  You know I love hosting parties.  Today, I’m partnering with Basic Invite to share our top 5 selections for baby shower invitations and why they’re our baby shower invite go-to.  Baby has obviously been top of mind for me lately.  As I’ve been thinking about baby registry, I started thinking about baby shower invitations and what I would want for a shower.

Why work with Basic Invite?

First of all, their designs are adorable!  In particular, they have super cute baby elephant baby shower invitations.  I love that they have pages and pages of designs to choose from, but there are so many other perks to Basic Invite, too.


Basic Invite offers over 180 colors to choose from for invitations.  While I focused on baby shower invites, each invitation is easily customizable.  Let me tell you, I spent quite some time playing with all of the colors.  Since I designed our wedding invitations, I’ve always loved having the ability to customize a template so it’s unique to me.  Basic Invite makes it ridiculously easy to customize with color and verbiage.  It is, by far, the highest variety I’ve personally seen in the online stationery world.

Also, Basic Invite offers more than 40 different envelope colors!  I have to admit, I went hog wild here.  Not only can you select a color, but you can add text to it.  My samples are below, but I loved playing with the verbiage ‘The Littlest Herrmannito’ and ‘Baby Herrmann’ is arriving soon on the envelope liner.  By the way, envelope liners are always a good idea.  They complete the invitation suite and make a world of difference when someone opens a card.

Addressing Service

One of the most time-consuming aspects of sending out invitations is collecting addresses and then addressing the envelopes.  Basic Invite offers a simple address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process.  I’ve never seen this done before.  While I personally didn’t utilize the service for my samples, I definitely would when I order my baby shower invitations.

Custom Samples

Lastly, and maybe my favorite part of the Basic Invite process, it is easy and inexpensive to get custom samples of baby shower invites.  Since we’re not finding out the gender of The Littlest Herrmannito, I felt like I had an even tougher time deciding what to select.  I ordered a handful of potential baby shower invites and ultimately fell in love with two invites, which I’ll share below.

My Top Picks for Baby Shower Invites

Pretty Poppies 

I ordered the pretty poppies invite in a matte paper as well as the pearlized paper.  Honestly, both were stunning.  If you prefer a lighter looking paper, opt for the matte color.  The pearlized paper looks slightly more premium and has more of a yellow hue to it.  Since this is a lighter invitation, I paired it with a dark envelope liner to balance out traditional gender colors.

Baby Elephant 

If you’re looking for something more traditionally known for being gender neutral, opt for the baby elephant design.  The sample invitation on the site is in yellows and pinks.  I wanted something a bit bolder so played with the colors to have grey mama & papa elephants with a teal baby elephant.  Hint: Teal is supposedly the ‘color of the year’ next year, so you’d be on trend!  I kept the envelope liner simple here with a plain teal to complement the accent color of the invite.

Friendly Forest 

Little animals are adorable for a gender neutral nursery so why not for baby shower invites?  I love the friendly forest invitations.  I kept this invitation very close to the template because I found it to be too adorable to change.  However, I did add a lavender envelope liner to it complementing the flower colors within the invite.

Stocked Stork Invite

I absolutely love this baby shower invite.  It’s gender neutral, yet delicate and elegant.  Since the stork sack is a pink-like color, I opted for a baby blue envelope liner.  I adore how it turned out and would definitely want these as my baby shower invites.  I think the envelope liner of ‘The Littlest Herrmannito’ is just too cute and also reminds guests when he or she arrives!

No matter your style, I would highly recommend exploring Basic Invite for your baby shower invites.  This post is sponsored by Basic Invite; however, all opinions are my own.

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