What to Add to Your Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe

You may have a capsule wardrobe, but what about a pregnancy capsule wardrobe?  With pregnancy comes a whirlwind of changes – numero uno is the size and shape of your body.  Finding clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident during this time period is one part of a happy pregnancy.  Today, I’m sharing the best items to create your pregnancy capsule wardrobe.

Find High-Quality Items

Initially, I didn’t want to spend money on maternity clothes.  It’s only 9 months, right?  However, I quickly realized, you’re not physically feeling your best during this time, so why not try to look your best.  After trying on clothes from Motherhood, Macy’s, A Pea in the Pod, Storq and Target, I quickly discovered that higher end is worth it.

In the first trimester, you’ll most likely gain some weight (approximately 5lbs) and feel pretty bloated.  However, you won’t necessarily have a bump yet so tight clothes may not work well.  Leverage flowy tops that you already own and buy a great pair of maternity jeans.  I’m obsessed with my LED maternity jeans.  They’ve grown really well with me since day 1.

As you move into your second & third trimester, it’s important to have pieces that will grow with you.  At 5.5 months pregnant, I’ve been able to tell where I’m primarily gaining weight, which has been helpful in trying to find clothes.  I highly recommend investing in a few quality pieces from StorqStorq’s T-shirt Dress is literally my favorite piece in my pregnancy capsule wardrobe.  I wear it multiple times a week.  Their leggings are also ridiculously comfortable.  I’d highly recommend getting a few pairs as they’ll be perfect for the fourth trimester (aka post-partum) as well.  Plus, you may be able to re-sell your items on Tradesy when you’re done depending on the wear and tear of the items.

Balance Your Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe with Casual Go-Tos

So, it’s reasonable to assume that you can’t spend thousands on your new pregnancy capsule wardrobe.  That’s totally fine!  You can easily supplement with amazing pieces that are super affordable from H&M, Old Navy, and Target.  Have you ever had a maxi dress from Old Navy?  If the answer is yes, you’re in luck.  Their maternity maxis are also great for summer.  While I don’t personally own any, I have heard wonderful things about H&M’s maternity jeans.  Target also has great, casual pieces.  Think about these items as the supplement for your high-quality pieces.  You’ll wear these for normal everyday moments and save the investment pieces for when you have an event or aren’t feeling as well.

Stay Neutral

You may end up with about 10 pieces in your pregnancy capsule wardrobe, which you’ll wear over and over (and over) again.  Considering staying neutral so you can easily accessorize the outfits making them feel fresh.  You may get sick of these clothes by the end of your 40 weeks of pregnancy bliss, but that’s OK because they’ll be retired at that point.

Accessorize wherever possible

Do you know one body part that doesn’t change while pregnant?  Your ears.  Buy some fun earrings!  They’ll be a perfect addition to your pregnancy capsule wardrobe, but they’ll also transfer to your everyday wardrobe after maternity.  Consider fun jewerly, scarves and bomber jackets to change up outfits and make each one feel special.

Try Rent the Runway Unlimited

If you can afford it, Rent the Runway Unlimited is a really nice way to change up your wardrobe.  They have a great selection of maternity clothes.  For a flat monthly fee, you’ll get 4 pieces to rent on an unlimited basis.  Use this code to get $30 off of your first order.  I love to order jackets, bomber jackets, sweaters, jewelry and maxi dresses from them.  They also have an awesome selection of nicer maternity dresses for business meetings, showers and weddings!

Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

At the end of the day, you’ll be in maternity wear for about a year.  You’ll be pregnant for nearly 10 months and should be gentle with your body at least the first 3 months post-partum.  Here’s what I’d recommend for your wardrobe [if you’re pregnant over the summer months]:

  • 2-3 pairs of jeans (maybe one white/more fun)
  • 3-4 pairs of leggings (at least 1 nice pair – add more if you’ll be working out, too)
  • 1-2 high-quality comfortable dresses
  • 1-2 high-quality super flowy dresses
  • 2-3 casual dresses
  • 2-3 casual tops
  • 1 maternity bathing suit
  • 2 workout tops

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