Our Holiday Theme with Paper Source

Creating our holiday theme each year with Paper Source is one of my favorite holiday activities.  I’ve shared how I built this year’s theme on Paper Source’s blog.

paper source christmas card

Picking the card is always the easy part for me.  I typically go with a simple card that’s either white or green with foil.  I love something classic that lets the picture speak.  This year, we picked the Happy Golden Days card.  On the back, I always share a collage of photos and a little write up about our year.

holiday card envelope liners

I also think it’s super fun to add some personality to your card with an embossed stamp or an envelope liner from your wrapping paper. Embossing is super easy.  Here’s a quick how-to on embossing.  Now, onto wrapping paper.  Shopping for that was slightly trickier than I expected.


Their store is full of gorgeous products, and I instantly fell in love with the Christmas Tree Farm wrapping paper.  In fact, I planned our entire design around it.  While they also had beautiful gold wrapping papers that I was super tempted to buy, I wanted to stay more traditional with reds, greens and a hint of gold.

Another quick pick was the Dogs in PJs wrapping paper.  It worked out perfectly because the Christmas Tree Farm is dominantly green and the Dogs in PJs are dominantly red.  I knew I needed one more paper to tie it all together.  Here’s where the gold almost came in, but I decided on the Flurry Confetti Paper instead.  I love the combination of the three!  If you do anything, do yourself a favor and buy some stone wrapping paper – it is literally like cutting butter!!

Want the full details on our theme?  Watch this video to see how I designed our holiday theme this year in partnership with Paper Source.

Belen Aquino Photo really captured the magic of this day.  I absolutely love the combination of the dog print with the classic Christmas Tree Farm.

paper source-christmas card

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