Why I Love a Paper Planner for Wedding Planning

If you’re like me, you looked forward to school starting for one major reason – a new planner.  Anyone?  It was always my favorite part.  Potentially this review is a little biased because I absolutely adore paper.  I’m a write it down kinda girl.  When I planned my wedding, I still found a paper planner so helpful.  Even with all of the wedding apps and google docs (which are all helpful), scribbling down your thoughts and having it in one notebook is so great.


I’ve partnered up with Purple Trail to review the ‘forever and always’ wedding planner.  While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Follow a paper planner’s tips for wedding planning

A good paper planner has tips throughout each of the sections to help guide you.  For example, one thing I love about Purple Trail’s planner is the budget guide.  Setting the budget for a wedding was one of the most stressful parts in my opinion.  This helps to simplify it!  It’s also the best place to start when you’re beginning the wedding planning process.

Keep track of final details

One of the things I love about a paper planner is it can serve as ‘the bible’ to your wedding.  When I was planning my wedding, I had so many google docs and spreadsheets.  You can run into version control (nerd alert)! With a paper planner, like the ‘always and forever’ from Purple Trail, you can record your final decision.

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Share it with your planner

First of all, if you haven’t hired a wedding planner or day of coordinator, you should definitely hire one!  I offer a day of coordinator service to help brides, too.  A paper planner is a great way to not only organize details but also hand it off to your planner when the wedding gets close.  As a day of coordinator, I would love to get this kind of detail from one of my brides.


Use it as a keepsake

Most importantly, I think a paper planner serves as a beautiful keepsake.  The wedding is gone in the blink of an eye, but all of the fun details that you spent months and months planning will be captured forever!



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