Our Backyard Urban Oasis Reveal

When the pandemic hit, I knew I wanted a backyard urban oasis for the summer.  I had a feeling life wouldn’t exactly bounce back to normal, and it, sadly, turns out that I was right.  I scoured the internet for hours and hours to find what we wanted.

backyard urban oasis

Criteria for Our Urban Oasis

I wanted a dedicated dining area where we could host up to 6 people comfortably.  In addition to dining, it was important to have a sitting area for up to 6 people, which could also be used as a loungey area to watch movies.  I anticipated that we’d be ‘living’ at home this summer, so having our backyard urban oasis flex to many occasions was important.

Then (and most importantly), it needed to be affordable and safe for Emmie.  I didn’t want anything too expensive so we can easily entertain other kids or have pets over without concern.  You can shop for all of our furniture here.


Sometimes I forget how bad the before was when I see the pictures.  From the dated lattice to the sea of brown, I thought it would be unsavable.  We actually had it quoted out to have the deck redone.  When quotes soared passed $10,000 to have the deck redone, we figured there had to be a more manageable way.



Matt researched everything and ordered all of our materials from Home Depot & Menards.  Here’s what we used.

The process was kind of brutal partially because we didn’t know what we were doing and partially because that’s a lot of spindles to paint!  Overall, it took us about 3 weekends total over naptime to get the project done.  However, we had to spread it out over 5-6 weeks because we didn’t order enough paint, and then it was delayed.  The best part was Matt’s Dad helped us to saw the lattice off the top giving the deck a beautiful, open feel.


I have fallen in love with our deck.  It’s truly a backyard urban oasis, and I haven’t even shared the yard and garden with you yet! I work at our table every day during naptime under the umbrella.  We eat dinner here a lot, too.  our backyard oasis

We haven’t use the couch as much yet because we aren’t entertaining, but I know we will.  A few times, Matt and I have enjoyed evening cocktails there or watched TV on a laptop while sitting outside.  It’s super relaxing!  Also, it’s on my bucket list to watch a ‘movies in the park’ movie before summer is over.

our backyard oasis

The flowers anchoring the two sides together are really beautiful, too.  I’m so happy with how they’ve grown in.  I’ll also be adding a little herb section, but it’s not quite ready yet.  Always something when you own a home, right??

our backyard oasis

Overall, I’d do the project all over again because we really use this space every day.  It may have been some hard labor hours (more for Matt than me), but totally worth it!

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