Why I’m Not Having a Baby Shower

I, lover of all parties, am not having a baby shower.  I know what you’re thinking. What the…? I’m not the first one to say forget the baby shower.  First, I absolutely love baby showers.  I love hosting and planning them.  Plus, did I mention we recently got a studio where we can host them for you?  So, why am I avoiding a baby shower of my own?  Let me tell you, and before you judge, read until the end to find out how we’re actually celebrating.

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We don’t want a ton of ‘stuff’

We currently rent and we’ll be moving next year.  In fact, we’ve been looking in the city.  I’m truly focused on getting us what we need in order to survive the first 6 months with baby.  I’ve seen friends go through this experience and register for multiple chairs (as an example) that are each a few hundred dollars only to find out the baby hates all of them.  I don’t want that.  The thought of it actually stresses me out.

We don’t have a ton of room in our current place.  I don’t want the pressure of becoming an organizing queen or dragging things in and out of storage.  If we need it, we’ll buy it.  Since we’re buying it, I think we’ll be mindful of what we purchase.  Plus, it helps us to baby prep our condo.  We’re also fortunate to not be the first parents among friends or family.  Everyone has been so generous offering for us to try what they have before purchasing our own.  We will still have a registry, which I’m working on in my third trimester in case people would like to get us something.

I’m not having a baby shower because I’d rather not get all dressed up

Yes, some days I feel beautiful, but other days are full of bloating or discomfort.  The thought of having to find a cute dress does not sound like fun.  My friends have told me I can wear whatever I like.  I have cute everyday clothes from my pregnancy capsule wardrobe, but if I were to have a shower, I’d want to dress for it.  Plus, the photos.  So many photos.  Trying to look and feel good in a bunch of photos while I’m up 20 pounds is not my idea of fun.  Nor do I want to be the center of attention or have a million people rubbing my belly.

I prefer to celebrate with those we’re closest to

Showers in nature are more formal get-togethers.  They’re about you & the baby, but also the host and their set of friends or family members (say, mom, for example).  It’s hard to keep a guest list tight with a shower.  You don’t want to offend anyone or have anyone feeling left out.  Knowing that, I know if we had a shower, it would get big quickly.  We’d either have multiple showers with 20-30 people or a giant shower with 60+ people, which, frankly, sounds miserable.  Matt & I love quality interactions with people.  It’s nearly impossible to do that if you have such a large group, which is another reason why we won’t be having a baby shower.

I want to celebrate the baby not the pregnancy

Everyone has told me – the shower is about the baby because all of the gifts are about the baby.  However, the baby isn’t here yet.  Sure, you can feel some kicks from time to time, but it’s not the same. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still celebrating with friends by doing something small (like visiting The Happy Place in Chicago).  Plus, we’ll be celebrating with the baby by having a sip & see.  Have you heard of this magical concept yet?  A sip & see is a casual get-together after the baby arrives.  Guests can bring a gift if they choose but it’s not mandatory (like a shower).  Did I mention it’s casual and they get to meet the baby?  I’ve thought of so many fun themes, which I can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming weeks!

Ultimately, baby showers aren’t for everyone.  Yes, you’ll have to buy all the stuff, but hey, maybe you’ll buy what you need.  On the contrary, if you want a baby shower, go for it!  Even though I’m not having a baby shower, I fully support others having a baby shower.  I’d actually love to plan yours!   I recently planned ‘A Whole Llama Love‘ and had so much fun with it! If you’re planning a shower and need help, let us know.

Did you have a shower? Why or why not?  Share with me below!

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