Neuschwanstein Castle

This time last year Ted and I were in Germany enjoying Oktoberfest and I wanted to share my favorite memory of our ten day trip and give you a recommendation on the no. 1 site you should visit should you plan a trip to Germany. You must visit Neuschwanstein Castle. Don’t believe me? Keep reading below!

If this castle looks or sounds familiar it’s because you’ve likely already seen a representation of it if you’ve watched a Disney movie. This is THE castle that inspired Walt Disney and his imaginary world.

What makes this castle special is its location. The castle is in southeast Germany, the heart of Bavaria. The landscape is filled with rolling fields, picturesque farms, and towering Alps mountains. Ted and I visited in the first week of October. and lucky for us, the changing fall leaves enhanced the area’s natural beauty and gave everything a fairytale feel.

How We Got There 

Since we were based in Munich, Ted and I traveled to Neuschwanstein Castle with a tour company called Mike’s Bike Tours.  They took us on one of the best group tours we’ve ever been on.

Our tour guide loved photography and made a point to take us to the best spots for photos and took them himself since he knew how to get the light right. As someone who loves photos – I was impressed!

The tour started from Munich at 8:45 am. We met at the Discover Bavaria Shop, right across the street from the Hofbräuhaus, the world’s most famous beer hall. From there we took a coach bus through gorgeous Bavarian scenery.

Before our visit to the castle, our tour also included a bike ride around the area. Look at how gorgeous the road that we got to bike on was – everything was golden! In the background we had views of the fairytale castle.

The Castle 

The magic of this castle is indescribable, so instead I leave you with pictures. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. The sun gave the colorful fall leaves a golden glow and the air was cool but crisp. One of the best days ever!

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