My Bedroom Tour

I’ve been asked a few times to do a home tour, so today we’re starting with the bedroom! My bedroom is my favorite room in the house because it gets the most natural light. I love waking up and seeing the sunshine each morning. So read on to see my styling tips and decor ideas below!

The Bedroom Tour

The room has two standouts. The massive Pottery Barn California King bed (this is what happens when your husband is over six feet. His legs literally hang off regular size beds). And our wallpaper world map print from National Geographic – it is my favorite piece in the room and house. When laying in bed sometimes Ted and I will look at the map and dream of where we want to travel to next. My other favorite bits include the blue wall color and drapes, which I can’t take credit for since they were there when we moved in.

The blue and white floral painting above the bed I made years ago. For more details on how to make your own – check out this post here. I used stencils and an old chalkboard frame so it’s super easy and affordable.

The white vanity, desk, and blue and white ottoman actually came from my childhood bedroom and fit perfectly into the space.

A few years ago I painted the vanity white to offset the dark wood of the bed frame and brighten things up. It came out perfectly and is a great example that you don’t have to buy new furniture to update your space. Just buy a can of paint and see how affordable it is to make an old piece like new again. It now houses my makeup and is where I get ready each day.

The white desk is from Overstock and a timeless piece that I adore – it will follow me to all of my future homes.

The blue and white chest I purchased years ago from Target and I use it to store extra sheets and pillowcases.

The little white night stand I found outside of Goodwill for free and asked the owner if I could have it. He said yes, and I again used my trusty chalk paint and its now a nice plant stand!

My Bedroom Tour Design Advice

  1. When picking your bedroom find which room faces the sunrise, this way you’ll always wake up to the sunshine.
  2. Keep the wall colors calm and serene. Think cool neutrals and muted blues or greens, your room should feel like a haven
  3. Invest in your bed and mattress. We splurged knowing that we’d never have to buy one again and our mattress is so comfortable!
  4. Look around at the furniture pieces you already own and see what can be updated with some paint.

Shop the Room

I was able to find the exact wall map for sale on Amazon! Click the link below to get one !  

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