My April Goals

mHello, April goals! It’s been a while since I’ve published my goals.  I’ve found that when I do publish my goals though I feel the accountability to accomplish them.  It also makes it so easy for me to reference back.  Establishing goals has been more important than ever since I’ve become a mom and taken Girl Meets Party full-time.  Also, how in the world is Emmie 6 months?!

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1. Finish the first section of my interior design course

I’ve mentioned it on Instagram, but in January, I started taking an interior design class with NYIAD.  The last time I took an interior design class was high school.  However, I’ve always loved interior design.  When NYIAD approached me about trying one of their design or planning courses, I immediately gravitated towards interior design.

Life with Emmie is obviously busy and catching our new groove is a process.  So, I haven’t spent as much time on the course as I would like.  Plus, I’m still learning the cadence to my business and clients’ needs.  Net/net, no more excuses!  For my April goals, I’m conquering the first section of the course.  I’ll share an update at the end of the month on my progress.

2. Publish 12 blog posts

Oh boy, this is another one that’s fallen a bit in my new life.  In 2017, I published 5 days a week while working full-time!  Granted, we had more contributors then, but still, that’s a lot!  I’ve been working closely with Paola on optimizing our SEO and cleaning up old blog posts.  This month, I want to focus on adding new quality content for you all!

3. Read 1 book

OK I might be crazy here, but I really miss reading.  I used to read all the time (I also used to be baby free and have a commute), but I’d really love to read one book this month.  Since I’m so focused on SEO, I’m most likely going to grab something on that topic.  Keep you posted!

4. Launch my consulting site

I announced in March that I’ve formally taken up consulting.  While some of that work fits within Girl Meets Party, some does not.  So, I’m launching a new business to house that work.  Think of it as an extension of Girl Meets Party.  I have the name worked out, but will share all the details when the site is ready at the end of the month.

5. Finalize my Q2 forecast and quarterly goals

You know me by now – I love my April goals.  It’s how I accomplish everything I do.  I stay focused, relentless and driven.  Since I’m taking Girl Meets Party full-time, I’m very focused on my numbers to understand what’s working and what’s not.  While I’m assessing how Q1 went with my mini board, I’m also planning out Q2 because I have lots of changes in store.  More on that later, too!

6. Plan 2 true rest days for myself

My biggest struggle is still downtime.  I’ve never been great at it, and now with Emmie, I’m even worse on taking time for me.  This last goal is straightforward.  I need to rest and recharge.  For someone like me, that means planning it.  So, here we go!  Hold my accountable to my April goals!

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