Meet Macey

GMP’s team is growing, and we’re so excited to introduce our newest addition, Macey! Get to know all about our newest social media intern!

Tell us more about yourself!

Hi there, I’m Macey! I am a sophomore at DePaul studying Public Relations and Advertising. I am from Colorado, and will not let you forget! When I am not in school, at work, or working with Girl Meets Party, I am involved on campus in organizations including Her Campus and PRSSA and trying to find the perfect coffee spot in Chicago.

What do you work on at Girl Meets Party?

I am currently a social media intern at Girl Meets Party, which means I post on Instagram and engage with our followers, along with creating the Instagram stories and newsletters.

Tell us about your favorite hobby and why it inspires you.

This spring I learned how to cross-stitch, which may sound like the most boring hobby ever, but it’s actually incredibly fun and grabs my attention for hours. I’m so used to multitasking all the time that cross stitching is a way for me to dedicate my time to really create something without being distracted and a way to still show creativity. Plus they always serve as cute decor!

What’s your favorite meal or restaurant?

While my dad’s roast and mom’s baked potato soup are front-runners, Panera’s mac and cheese will always have a special place in my heart as my favorite meal.

Cupcakes or donuts?

Donuts, always and forever.

What’s your word of the year?

Gratitude. This year I began a gratitude journal as a way to keep myself grounded and remind myself of all the things I am grateful for instead of focusing on the negatives.

What are you excited to work on?

I am extremely excited to begin delving into the public relations side of Girl Meets Party!

Guilty pleasure TV show? what are you binge watching?

Every Monday night you can find me catching up on the X-Factor and definitely crying at every sob story they show. I am a reality show junkie and anything with drama and some tear-jerking gets me every time!

Meet Jen

I’ve always had a love affair with creation. Since I was a child, I handmade my gifts or combined toys to design something new. Fast forward twenty years, and I’m still making my gifts every holiday and designing new ways to do things.


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