May Blog Traffic Report

June was such an eventful month in the U.S. that my May Blog Traffic Report is a little delayed.  Better late than never, right?  I was shocked by the traffic and the growth I continue to see from organic search and Pinterest.

Growth in 2020

If you’re interested in reviewing my other reports, and why I started the journey, check out some of my other posts.

Blog Traffic Report Numbers

In May, I had 8,054 pageviews (up +1,491 views, +23% vs. last month)

I have to admit, every month I’m a little nervous to beat last month’s numbers.  The Marketing Greenhouse keeps getting busier and busier (yay) so it’s tough for me to prioritize the blog.  I know how important the blog is to a long, sustainable business though.  My goal is to start batching my work so I’m more consistent.

At any rate, May was my best month ever.  I’ve really focused on SEO optimizing my posts, promoting them on Tailwind, and sending out a weekly newsletter. The majority of my traffic came from my Valspar post again, which really shows me the importance of SEO.

Top May Blog Posts

How I tracked to my goals

I still haven’t organized my Pinterest boards – eek!  I desperately need to do this and am certainly prioritizing it this summer.  However, I did write my 3 blog posts.  I also reorganized a few blog posts, too.

June Goals

Considering I’m writing this so late, June will most likely be a quiet month.  My goal is to write 4 new posts and reorganize a handful of posts, too.  I even plan to reorganize the flow of the blog traffic report posts.  I’m thinking of adding volume numbers so they’re easier to follow and catalog.

I’m even more excited for July because I’m starting to actually content plan!  It’s all a dance between two businesses and (a current lack of) childcare, but one step at a time, right?  Right!  Until next month…


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