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Life lately is spreadsheets, mood boards and emails to tackle everything going on!  We are in the middle of our home renovation, which is exciting and exhausting.  In two weeks, we move to the suburbs.  Then, in 5 weeks we should be in our new home.  Oh, and I have five new projects in the works. When it rains it pours!


When are you moving and what’s the plan? 

Our lease is up at the end of August.  So, after that, we’ll be moving to the burbs until The Matts Construction finishes our remodel.  I’ve partnered with MakeSpace to help us with our move.  Every few days, they’ve been coming to pick up our boxes.  Moving in waves has actually made it more manageable.

Are you designing the house by yourself?  How’s that going? 

Sure am!  I’ve been taking an interior design course through NYIAD and have decided to dive in headfirst.  Design is always something I’ve thought about dabbling in so I figured why not try it on our own house.  It’s been crucial that The Matts Construction is so patient with me and willing to get creative.  Seriously can’t sing enough praises about Matt!

While it’s hectic because my day is truncated, it’s my kind of beautiful craziness.  This year (in general) has been a big adjustment in terms of setting my own schedule, determining when I get my personal work done, when to schedule client meetings and how quickly to respond to emails.  It’s super different than the corporate world, which I frankly love.  A few months back, I saw Alison Victoria at EvolveHer and she made the comment that you need to find your own genius.  Her genius is having her hands in multiple pots at one time, and I find myself to be very similar.

At any rate, it’s going, and I’d venture to say it’s going pretty well.  I’ve hit all timelines.  So far no major mess-ups other than forgetting to order a strip for the bathroom tub and it looks beautiful.  Plus, I have some super fun partnerships up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you.  Here are my first-floor designs ICYMI.

When is your home renovation done? 

That’s a good question…. Ummm Matt?! Just kidding.  He is impressively all over timelines.  We’re targeting to finish the last week of September.  Happy 1st Birthday to Emmie – she gets a new house!  [Contractor] Matt and I check in on timing every week or so and we’ll have a final timeline by September 1st.  We should be in by the end of the month.

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