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Juggling parenting & work is all that’s on my mind during the quarantine.  I realized that I haven’t written a life lately post since February so I am overdue!  As I get more consistent with my blog, my goal is to be more consistent with each of my topics – life lately being one of them.  I will say, I think one of the most productive things we’ve done is take these photos.  I’m so grateful to Lauren Michelle Photography for capturing them for us!!

juggling parenting and work

If you’re a parent, I think juggling parenting and work must be at the top of your mind right now.  I know some of our friends have luckily kept their nanny, but most are pulling double duty during the workday.  We have been trading off since mid-March when our daycare closed.

What our schedule looks like

We’ve been using the parenting schedule that I created, which you can download here. Every day is different as our routine depends on our meeting schedules.  However, the weeks that are best are the ones where we set our schedules before the week starts (often Saturday or Sunday).

Matt and I spend about 15 minutes mapping out our week and for the most part, we stick to it.  Most days, we take 3 hour increments with her and the ‘work days’ are longer.  I count a work day as 6am until 6pm.  We trade off waking up with Emmie, and when make wakes up with her I work from 6-9am and do a 15 minute workout.  Those are honestly my favorite days because I’m productive right away.

We’re also “lucky” that we can count on a 2-3 hour nap every day and plan our time around that.

How it’s going


juggling parenting and work

Not awful. Ha. Doesn’t that describe being in quarantine?  On the whole, we’ve been really happy to spend the extra time with Emmie and our system works.  The catch is we’re doing more with less support so we’re tired.  Emmie is an early riser (I can’t complain because so am I) and with only a 2 hour nap, that leaves us about 60-90 minutes in the evening to decompress and go to bed.  Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes you just want more.

Lately, I’ve found that I’m really missing my pre-baby freedom (if we’re being totally honest).  I want to make banana bread with a mask on and take 3 barre classes in a day, ha!!  But I remind myself that no one is thriving in quarantine – we’re all a little sad some days.

But really, how am I actually juggling parenting and work

I’m working 6 days a week most weeks and trying super hard to take off Sundays to recharge.  I’m lucky that my partners at The Marketing Greenhouse have been understanding and great to work with.  We’re all respectful of each other’s schedules.

One of my talents in life is being organized and that comes in handy right now.  We’re fortunate to have signed several new clients for The Marketing Greenhouse (while I’m maintaining my own client base here) soo it’s busy.  But being busy is so welcomed!! It’s a good problem to have.  You will never hear me complain about too much work. I’m always grateful for it.

Asana has been a lifesaver with being organized. I wrote a post about my go-to apps here that have been helpful for juggling parenting and work. I’ve relied on a lot of the tactics that I used to use when this business was just a side hustle and I worked full-time for MillerCoors.  You can find all of my tips here.  Funny how it comes full circle.

If you do two things schedule your time and stay heads in on one task at a time.  Being a scatterbrain will leave you feeling exhausted and unaccomplished.

What’s next for The Herrmannitos as daycare remains closed

We’re waiting to see how this unfolds with the rest of America, but we’re starting to lean on our parents for help.  They’ve kindly offered and we’ve all quarantined.  In my opinion, no one needs to be a hero and I don’t want to turn into an angry parent.  I can’t do it all (nor can Matt) and we need a little help.

We started by visiting his parents in Lake Geneva, and we’ll start to see my parents soon, too.  Our hope is that we can get to some form of a routine where we see grandparents every other week.  Every week would be a dream, but I just don’t know if that’s realistic.

As of now, our daycare remains closed and we’ll have to see when it opens.  When it does, Matt and I will see what we’re comfortable with.  It’s so hard to make the call as we have parents that are immune-compromised.  We have the gift of flexibility at work and just want to make the right call.  Eventually Emmie will go back to daycare or we may switch to a nanny (if we can find one!) So we’ll see!  Until then, we’ll continue to juggle and we’ll take as much time as the grandparents will give us.  We’re grateful for it and also know how important it is for Emmie to build those bonds!

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