Food Ideas for New Parents

It’s no surprise that the initial weeks and months following the birth of a new baby are equal parts exciting and exhausting for new parents. With all the new changes in their daily routine, the last thing they have time or energy for is making themselves a meal. If you’re looking for a way to help, preparing food is always a win! Below I’ve curated a list of tried and true favorites that make for great meals and snacks to leave with the new family.

Easy Breakfasts

Fresh fruit

You cannot go wrong here! Cut up some strawberries with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and any of your favorite fruits, combine and you have the perfect new parent snack.


We make this recipe often, for ourselves and gifts, and it’s always a hit! One thing to note is that this recipe is quite salty, so I’d recommend cutting the amount in half for new moms (½ TBSP). And, if you want to go all out, bring them some individual sized yogurts to pair this with. Breakfast? Done. Check out the recipe here!

Some other breakfast faves:


Greek Village Salad (Horiatiki)

This is a Zikakis family favorite. Cut an english cucumber into rounds, and 3-4 plum tomato into wedges. Slice some red onion and green pepper, and add kalamata olives. Finish with red wine vinegar, olive oil and a dash of oregano and fresh pepper. Top with feta. Such a healthy lunch or snack option on the fly. If you don’t want the vinegar to sit on the veggies too long, mix vinegar and olive oil in a separate container and top the veggies, olives and feta with oregano and black pepper. That will avoid the veggies from getting too soggy and allow the new parents to season as they like. I typically wing this recipe as it’s hard to go wrong but if you’d like to follow a recipe this one is great!

Our other go-to salads:

Quick tip:

Veggies: cut up so they are ready to eat. Bring along some hummus, tzatziki or a yogurt dip to kick things up a notch! 


Anything freezer friendly, like casseroles or soups, are in my opinion the easiest, most practical meal to leave behind. This allows parents to freeze and reheat as they need, especially since they will likely be getting a lot of meals in those first weeks.

Tasty Treats…everyone loves an indulgence!

Lastly, another great leave behind is to bring over their favorite beverage. I like to bring a case of LaCroix, SmartWater or Spindrift since those postpartum months require extra fluids for mom. Wanna treat the new parents? Bring them a bottle of wine or beer – it is a celebration after all!

A few leave behind tips:

  • The easier, the better.
  • Leave food in containers you don’t care to ever see again. One less thing for you and the new parents to worry about.
  • Try to make meals that hold well in the fridge or that can be eaten (or frozen) a day to two later. It’s a popular time for guests and food to be delivered.
  • Don’t bother asking about food preferences. For safe measure, stay away from anything too spicy. Food will get eaten one way or another. Food gifts help not only the new parents but helps to feed grandparents, visitors, etc.

Have a recipe you think would be great for new parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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