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A month into having a baby, I’ve determined by go-to baby products.  I can’t wait to share them with you today.  Since we didn’t have a shower, I’ve been super selective on what we’ve opted to get.  I also shared my thoughts on how I feel post-baby about skipping a shower recently.  Some of these baby products reviewed below were gifted to me by companies; however, all opinions are my own.

UPPAbaby Minu

The UPPAbaby Minu is a gamechanger!  While we have the UPPAbaby Vista as our main stroller, I’ve quickly fallen in love with the Minu.  It is super lightweight, which means I can easily get out of our second floor condo and run errands with Emmie.  Plus it pops open in about 2 seconds flat and maneuvers around corners super well.  The UPPAbaby Vista is still great for when we’re grabbing groceries or items I want to keep in the carrier basket.  However, when I can travel light, the Minu is my stroller of choice.  Plus, both have adapters to work with our Nuna Pipa carseat.

Boppy Comfy Fit Carrier

If there’s one product I use daily, it’s the Boppy Comfy Fit Carrier. I am obsessed with this product!  It’s made from a yoga pant material and is so easy to put on.  Emmie is crazy about it, too.  She falls asleep immediately when I put her in it.  It’s perfect for getting things done around the house or running errands.  It’s been my go-to baby product in the carrier world.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is a lifesaver when it comes to changing diapers.  It’s hands down the go-to baby product if you’re building a registry or looking to upgrade what you own.  Babies can be messy and Emmie is no exception!  Not every dirty diaper stays in the dirty diaper if you know what I mean.  Thanks to the peanut changer, I can easily wipe down any accidents and quickly disinfect without doing laundry.

Britax One4Life Car Seat

The Britax One4Life car seat is the perfect car seat from infant stage to booster stage.  It lasts for 10 years!  Crazy, right?  I love the ClickTight technology that allows you to install the seat in literally 30 seconds.  One thing to consider is do you want a car seat that can fit onto a stroller?  If so, you may want this as your second car seat, which is what we did.  We had an infant seat for 0-12 months and then transitioned into the Britax One4Life car seat.

Tranquilo Mat 

Mimicking the womb is the key to soothing a baby, which is exactly why the Tranquilo Mat is one of my go-to baby products.  This product was on Shark Tank a while back, and it’s genius!  It’s powered by 4 AA batteries and vibrates a similar feeling to the rocking sensation baby feels in the womb.

Guava Pack ‘n Play

Before baby, we couldn’t decide how we wanted to handle baby’s bassinet.  Enter the Guava Pack ‘n Play plus Bassinet.  It’s been key for our nights at grandma’s house!  I have so many friends that swear by it, too!  The legs on the pack ‘n play pop out so it can rock, which is perfect for daytime naps.

SwaddleMe Sleeper Bassinet 

Next to our bed, we opted for the SwaddleMe Sleeper Bassinet.  This was a ‘how fast can we get this from Amazon’ purchase.  After we came home with Emilia, we noticed she had some reflux and needed to be on an angle to sleep.  Enter the SwaddleMe Sleeper.  Not only can she sleep on an angle, but there’s a vibration and music feature.  Plus, for babies that love the SwaddleMe swaddles (aka velcro swaddles), you can use them with this bassinet!  I couldn’t recommend this bassinet more.

Any moms out there?  What are your go-to baby products? 

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