Jen’s 2019 Goals

We may be halfway through the month, but I’m setting my goals and sharing them with you today.  I’m BIG on goals.  They help me stay focused and accomplished.  I set them every year (usually around my birthday in May), and follow them for the year.  Since I was pregnant last year and working two jobs, I was a little preoccupied.  So here I am in January ready to rock it as I take Girl Meets Party full-time!


1. Give myself grace and practice patience

This is a big one for me.  As a new mom and adjusting back to work, it’s a lot.  Every day, I’m reminding myself to be patient with myself and give myself grace.  I have a new role in my family life and in my career.  I have to be patient while I establish a new routine.  I’m not the crazy efficient person I once was.  It turns out babies require a lot and you have to follow their schedule – not your own [kidding, but you don’t really get it until you’re in it].  I know I’ll get there and as I do, I want to enjoy the journey — not beat myself up for doing this different than before.  After all, I’m a different person post-baby.  It’s only natural I do things differently.

2. Find the best version of myself by summer

You probably think this one is weight loss.  It’s not.  Yes, I do want to lose my last 5 baby pounds, but I know that will happen by summer naturally.  2018 was a doozy.  Working 2 jobs essentially around the clock while pregnant was beyond overload.  I turned into an efficiency monster where I wouldn’t waste a second.  Fun time – scheduled.  Relax time – scheduled.  That worked for the time – I was in survival mode.  However, I want to be thriving, not surviving.  While time management will always be important to me, I want to find my version of balance.

My goal by the summer is to get back to the mindset of the 25-year-old woman I was once — pre-wedding planning, business, and baby.  I want to tap into those values and that sentiment and apply it to my new life.

3. Plan one family day a week and soak it in

I love this one.  I’m trying hard to be strategic with the projects I take on and efficient with my time so I can work 4 days a week.  Why is that important?  Well, I want to knock out all family and home chores one day a week.  If I do, we can easily do something fun and relaxing as a family on the weekend together.  We’ve been doing it now with Matt on paternity leave, and I love it.

4. Take 3 family trips together

We already have our spring break trip to Arizona planned (we have to see the Cubs!) and we’ll definitely fly to Colorado to visit family this spring. I’m hoping for one more fun family trip before the year is out.  Any recommendations on where?  I kind of want to do Napa or California in general… I’m not sure if Napa is a bad idea with baby though.

5. Find our next home

We are busting out of our condo and desperately want a new home.  Matt and I are also ready to settle down into a place.  Since living together, we’ve lived in 3 homes together in 5 years.  It’s time.  Also, I’m going to be taking an interior design class [can’t wait to share more details], and I want to put my skills to use!

6. Be a better friend

With my new-found balance, I’m hoping to not work weekends unless I have an event.  I want to reconnect with the spontaneous friend moments.  I’ve missed out on a lot the last 3 years working two jobs, and I’m ready to dive back in.  I also see my friends starting to settle, and I know the shift is coming soon where people head back to their home city or the burbs.  While we all live so close, I want to enjoy it.

7. Learn video

Video is here and I want to learn it!  I’m dabbling in video with a few partnerships coming up, but I’d really love to become an expert this year.  If you have recommendations on classes, I’m all ears!

8. Get Girl Meets Party published 5x

This is the year of publishing for me!  While I’m focused on growing the business and learning video, I want to drive awareness of our services, too.  What better way to do this than getting published?  PR is not my expertise, but I’m learning.  We all start somewhere, right?  See… giving myself grace already, ha!

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