We’re Finally Sharing Our Pregnancy Announcement

I had never dreamt of getting pregnant, but the second I was pregnant, I dreamt of how I’d plan each pregnancy announcement.  It’s one of the most exciting times in life.  It’s some of the best news you’ll be able to share with people.  As I’m entering my third trimester of pregnancy, I’m finally sharing how we spilled the beans a few months back!

Matt & I are pretty sure we’re having an only child so I wanted to experience all of the things with this pregnancy!  Plus, I mentioned before we would not be having a shower so a pregnancy announcement would be the fun celebration for us.  Fun announcements were a must-have to me, and I’m so glad I put in the effort with each.  We also took videos of as many of them as possible so we’d have a forever keepsake.  I highly recommend because they’re so fun to look back on!

My parents

Photo from Etsy

My dad’s birthday is in mid-February.  If you’ve met my dad, you know he’s a simple man.  It doesn’t take much to make him happy and he’s definitely not a birthday guy.  I knew he wouldn’t be expecting anything fancy.  Plus, we wanted to truly surprise my parents since it’s their first grandchild and knew they’d be over the moon.  I wanted their pregnancy announcement to be perfect yet simple.  We gave my dad Pearl Jam tickets, but then I had a little bag with this onesie in it.  We told him the little bag complemented the tickets, which he, of course, thought was gear for a mosh pit (classic Paul Naye).  In the bag, was this onesie from Kal & Co (off of Etsy) that says, ‘Happy Birthday!  Your gift arrives in October.’ The video of their reaction to our pregnancy announcement is priceless and makes me tear up every time.  I also bought the CUTEST onesie from Kimmie’s Korner on Etsy for my mom that says, “Book my reservation.  I’m going to Grandma’s!”

Matt’s parents


We had time set to hang out with Matt’s parents one weekend in Glenview at his sister’s house.  For his parents, it’s their sixth grandchild, so we needed to be a bit more creative than the typical ‘you’re getting promoted to grandma’ mug or other paraphernalia for our pregnancy announcement.  What’s fun though is Matt is the baby of his family so I knew something with ‘The Littlest’ would be adorable.  After searching high and low on Etsy, I stumbled upon Southern Raised Boutique’s Last Name Onesie, which I LOVED.  Ours says ‘The Littlest Herrmann’ as pictured above.  We gave it to Matt’s mom as a late Valentine’s Day gift with a card that said, ‘Your baby is having a baby,’ which was made by DesignsLM.  We hadn’t let on that there was a chance we’d be having kids anytime soon, so they were totally shocked, which was so fun.  Matt’s dad’s reaction was priceless – you could tell he was so ecstatic.  Plus, having his sister, brother-in-law and her two boys there for our pregnancy announcment was awesome.

Matt’s siblings

Matt has a sister and a brother.  Both siblings have their own little families, and we’re super close to our nieces & nephews.  We all get together about twice a year, and I knew we’d see them for the 4th of July.  So, I picked out super fun t-shirts from Amazon that say, ‘My Aunt has my Cousin in the oven’ in all different colors.  The shirt was unavailable in a onesie, so for my littlest niece I ordered her a onesie that said, ‘I may be small, but I’m going to be a big cousin.’

The same weekend we met up with Matt’s parents, we gave the shirts to Matt’s sister, Katie, for her two boys.  I had told her I saw some cute clothes for the boys for spring break at Target (something I’d totally do) so it wouldn’t be fishy to just give her a gift.  When she opened it up, not only was she beyond excited, but she started crying.  It made me tear up she was so happy.  When someone has such genuine happiness for your good news, it brings so much warmth to you.

For Matt’s brother in Colorado, we put together ‘Easter baskets’ to send the kids.  I wrapped the shirts in a box and dumped tons of candy into the box, which they abruptly ripped open of course.  It was adorable and they were also SO excited.  I never realized how excited I’d be to add a cousin to the mix, but I’m definitely pumped.  So, this last Fourth of July, we got all of the kids together to take a group photo.  We’re missing Claire though because she was napping in her adorable onesie!

My girlfriends


Surprising my girlfriends with our pregnancy announcement was so fun.  I told them I was doing a spring photo shoot for Girl Meets Party, and they all dressed cute knowing there would be photos.  One by one they walked into my condo and saw ‘We’re Preggers!’ on the wall in balloons and were shocked!!  I was able to capture all of them on video, too, which again is so fun for memories.

I’m fortunate enough to be super close to my high school & college friends.  So, I kicked off the morning with a brunch with my high school friends and then flipped the table to host a lunch with my college friends in the afternoon.  It was a bit ambitious but so, so fun!  I can’t wait to share more photos from this party after it’s published!

Suree & Paola

photo by Lauren Michelle Photography

Suree & Paola are quite a few years younger than me so I had the privilege of making them aunts for the first time!  I found these adorable ‘Auntie Squad’ shirts on Etsy from Rose Gold Rebel.  As soon as I stumbled upon them, I knew they were perfect.  My favorite part about telling them was how they both reacted.  With Suree being in town, I told her first.  She was completely confused.  I mentioned I got her a little something to say thanks for all the hard work lately.  When she opened it, it took her a minute to put together that it said ‘Auntie Squad,’ and eventually, she goes, ‘Wait, why did you get me a shirt that says auntie squad?’ So, I said, ‘Well, what do you think?’ to which she replied ‘I have no idea…. wait, are you pregnant?’  I wish I had the whole thing on video, but knew I couldn’t capture it stealthily enough.

Paola, I have to admit, was a bit quicker.  It still took her a moment because it was so unexpected, but she read the shirt, and was like, ‘Oh my God! Are you pregnant?!  I’m so excited for you guys!”  Both were too cute.  Suree & Paola will always be my girls.

Our close friends


Photo from Etsy

For some of our other friends, we tried to catch people in person as much as possible, but its hard.  Schedules conflict and sometimes you can’t see everyone within that teeny window when you want to tell them.  Matt’s best friend, Joey, and his wife, Sarah, were expecting their first child when we told them.  Matt & Joey have been friends literally forever so the fact that we are having our baby 3 months after them is crazy.  Such a fun coincidence.  I ordered their baby a ‘Did we just become best friends’ onesie and our baby ‘Yep!’ from Kal & Co off of Etsy.  It was cute because when we gave it to Joey & Sarah, they thought we were having twins for a second! Ha!  Then, they realized it was for both of our kids.  I sized it so we can hopefully grab a photograph of the babies together at Christmas.

Photo from Etsy

Kal & Co quickly became my go-to for pregnancy announcement ideas if you can’t tell.  My best friend, Nicole, has a 2-year-old son.  She and I LOVE all things party, design and paper goods.  I saw these adorable ‘Let me tell you’ and ‘about my best friend’ shirts from Kal & Co on Etsy.  I instantly fell in love with the font (which is so us) and the idea of our two children in a cute photo together.  We went to brunch with Nicole and her husband and son.  When she opened the gift she immediately teared up.  Best reaction from a best friend for sure.

To announce our pregnancy for other family members and close friends, I had cards with adorable sayings and phrases by DesignsLM from Etsy.  I’d highly recommend working with her again.  She was so creative, helpful and quick with our pregnancy announcement cards.

Featured image by Charmingly Styled.

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