How to Organize Your Desk & Maximize Productivity with The Fix Co

This year is all about setting goals and reaching them. If your workspace is a mess, your mind will be too. It’s time to get your desk in order. Let’s make 2019 our most productive year yet. Here’s what to focus on when getting your desk in order.


Place for paper

Your paper needs a home, whether you prefer files or paper trays. No more digging through a pile of paper to find the one thing you need. Create a system that works for your day to day routine. I like to have a tray for incoming items, things I’m working on, and outgoing. I keep files for ongoing projects and items I know I will need to reference. With filing papers, put a “filed on” date on the folder and give yourself a deadline for when it can be shredded. See my favorite paper organizers below.

Paper Drawers Rose Gold Wire Stackable Acrylic Paper Tray Acrylic Drawer

Open space for creativity

Make sure you aren’t working on top of piles of paper. When you have open space, your mind is able to think about other things than the list of tasks you still have to accomplish. When you have a desk setup that you enjoy, you’re able to flex your creativity.

Keep your supplies on hand

Have a place for all of your supplies, whether that is on top of your desk, or in a drawer. The most important thing is that your most used supplies have a home and that it is easily accessible and easy to maintain. I’ve linked some of my favorite organizers for office supplies.

Rose Gold Desk Set Acrylic Desktop Organizers Acrylic Drawer Organizer

Organize your desktop

Documents, photos, downloads, and desktops can get out of hand. Set a standing reminder once a week for 15 minutes to go through the new items in your computer. What do you need to keep? What will you need to reference in the future? Once you have systems in place you might even start organizing automatically!

Organize your email

You know when you’re looking for one specific email, but you can’t find it no matter what you do? It happens to all of us, but let’s reduce how many times it happens this year. Organize your inbox by creating folders that make sense to you (a folder for a project, for the emails your boss sends, etc.) cuts down on time spent searching. I like using GMail’s Label feature, you’re able to create custom labels for your mail, it only takes a few clicks to label your mail and it will automatically be sorted into the correct folder. You can even use multiple labels if you can’t decide exactly where it should go.

The most important thing about a workspace is that you’re comfortable and motivated when you start your day. If you need help getting your office in order let The Fix help!

Contact: You can reach The Fix at and @thefixco on Instagram.

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