How I’m Spending My Last 30 Days Until Baby Arrives

First of all, I’m not naive.  I know it could be longer than 30 days until baby arrives.  Most women go late with their first pregnancy, so I’m managing expectations.  However, it’s crazy to think I’m entering the final month of pregnancy!  It seems like just yesterday, we were announcing our pregnancy and sharing the news with family & friends.  While the days have been long, the weeks have flown by.  Today, I’m sharing how I’m spending my time, what’s still on my to-do list and what I’m most anxious about!

How I’m spending my time

Well, I’m still working like crazy, but I love that (for the most part)!  I’m doing my best to work ahead on all things Girl Meets Party and wrap up my year at my corporate job since I’ll be out on maternity leave for 4 months.  Aside from work, I’ve been trying to do things I really love like take classes, walk around and window shop.  Matt & I have been super spontaneous with date nights and oh so many Cubs games.  I’m genuinely trying to soak up ‘me moments’ of doing what I like without worrying about anyone else.  I know that will quickly change once the baby arrives!  In the meantime, I’m soaking in all of the magical movements for the next 30 days until baby arrives, which by the way, I think this baby twerks in the womb it moves so much!

Matt & I have also spent a ton of time together just us to soak in the last moments we have as a family of 2.  While I’ve seen friends, I haven’t prioritized it as much because I’ve felt like I really need this time for me.  I’ve always struggled with self-care and during pregnancy, I feel like I’m really relishing in it.

What’s still on my to-do list

Oh gosh, so many things are still on the list!  Honestly, I’m starting to let go a bit.  I wanted so many things done before baby gets here and after a sad family event last week, I’ve let go a lot.  It’s made me put things in perspective as to what’s a true priority.  If it’s not done, we’ll still survive.  We have the foundation of a nursery (woohoo!), but I doubt I’ll have it finished before the baby arrives.  I’ve decided to make a few tweaks to the artwork so it will have to wait to share it with you all!  We’ve taken a few classes and set up a baby space in our condo.  Here’s what’s still on the list:

  • Frame artwork for the nursery (and shoot it to share with you all!)
  • Finish hanging wallpaper in the nursery
  • Make freezer meals
  • Pack a hospital bag
  • Schedule a few beauty appointments
  • Wash some of the baby’s clothes
  • Prep the bottles and wash down some of our baby gear
  • Re-organize my clothes (for the 4th trimester!)
  • Re-orient the kitchen to make room for baby
  • Set up our bassinet

I’m so excited because we’re getting the Lotus Crib & Bassinet Kit Bundle from Guava!  Am I missing anything?  Share with me below!

What I’m most anxious about

Overall, I’m honestly not too anxious.  I’ve had a hard time during pregnancy, so if we’re being super honest, I expect the trend to continue through labor, delivery and the first 4 weeks post-partum.  However, I’m a super goal-oriented person, and I see the finish line in sight!  When it comes to labor and delivery, I expect it to be painful, but I have so much confidence in my doctor that I know we’ll be OK.  I’m most anxious post-partum.  I’m the type of girl who’s always on the go.  I know I will certainly be busy all day with baby, but I’m nervous to be home all day long focusing on one thing.  Plus, it’s a tough job!  I’m hoping I’m cut out for it, ha!  The first 4 weeks I’ve heard are so tough [including breastfeeding, ah!!], so that has me nervous, too!  I know once we get to a little routine, we’ll be OK.  I’m very passionate about not losing myself.  I want to be the best mom I can and, at the same time, maintain my core values of who I am personally as a strong women.  To me, that means raising my hand for help.  Last time I checked, there are no awards for taking it all on alone. Luckily, our families are ready to jump in and help at the ready, too!  I’m sure the next 30 days will fly and then life as I know it will never be the same!

What did you do your last 30 days of pregnancy?  Any recommendations for me? 

Featured image by Lauren Michelle Photography

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