How I Soak in the Newborn Moments

The ‘fourth trimester’ has come and gone and just as they say — it flew by.  Having a newborn is magical and exhausting.  Days blend together and often seem long, but the weeks go oh so fast.  I’m so happy that I started a few daily rituals to help me remember these moments.


Keep a journal

Our first week at home, I bought a big journal on one of our many trips to target.  Initially, I thought I’d write to Emmie every day of her life the first year.  [Please don’t laugh at how unrealistic this is if you’re a mom – it’s the thought that counts!] Safe to say that did not happen; however, I do write a little note for all of our firsts or just on random days.  I keep it in the kitchen so it’s always close by.  If it’s a busy day [especially now that I’m back to work], I scribble the title at the top with the date so I can always go back and jot things down.  [Hopefully, this isn’t another pipe dream] I’m hoping I can keep this journal and give it to her when she’s older – like maybe when she graduates college.  How fun would that be if you had a handwritten journal from your parents about your childhood?

Take a photo a day

This is an easy one for most parents, but snap one photo a day.  I ‘favorite’ my top photo for the day so it’s easy to categorize them.  Then, if you want to take it a step further, download the 1 Second app.  It’s the best.  You can upload 1-2 one-second videos or photos every day.  It organizes them into a slideshow, and it’s free!

Snap weekly and monthly photos

Starting at 7 weeks, I began taking a weekly photo.  I didn’t get the idea until then, and I really love it.  I keep my letterboard handy.  Weekend mornings when it’s just us two [we’re both morning people, ha!], I snap her photo real quick.  I also do the standard monthly photos with a letterboard, too. It’s been a fun tradition to start.

Start a baby book

Pick up a baby book while they’re little.  Start it while they’re young so it’s not overwhelming.  It’s fun to use this to more formally document the big moments & milestones and save your favorite photos.  I always think a baby book becomes a family heirloom someday.  I love, love, LOVE the Artifact Uprising baby book.

So there you have it!  4 simple things I do to remember the haze of the newborn stage.  When are babies not a newborn by the way?  4 months?  6 months?  For now, I’m saying I still have a newborn.

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