How I Designed My Kitchen

When my husband and I started planning our home remodel, I was so excited about the prospect of a kitchen transformation. We put weighted importance on the kitchen since our family loves to cook and gather in that space. It was a focal point in our search. However, we were a bit deflated when we couldn’t find anything that was both practical and within our price range.  Once we had settled on a home to renovate, we decided to plan the entire scheme of our renovation around bringing my dream kitchen to life.

All the Research

The first thing I did was research.  I’m not an interior designer by trade, so I relied heavily upon my research to create a kitchen.  My goal was to create something that suited our family and add value if we resell the home.

I made mood boards with collections of my favorite color schemes, textile patterns, and design elements. Creating a portfolio of my favorite kitchen designs composed of key elements that were the same in all the kitchens proved helpful in planning the design. For example, I didn’t realize how big of a difference a slide-in range made in terms of the design. I loved the seamless look of these ranges alongside counter-top depth refrigerators.  These are things I wouldn’t have known to look for had I not taken the time to really research kitchen design.

I also pinpointed my top interior designers.  I read their blogs and watched their videos for tips and tricks of the trade. One of my favorite designers, Studio McGee, offers a great web series I found especially helpful.

But is it practical?

After I knew what I loved, I translated those elements into my own space. That meant not getting everything I wanted. For example, I love the look of exposed shelves.  I also love how clean a kitchen looks when you replace uppers with exposed organizers. However, our space didn’t allow for a pantry so that meant maximizing the storage space we could. So as much as I would have loved styling open shelves and hanging pot racks, it just wasn’t feasible here.

We also had to think practically in terms of our budget. This meant prioritizing. I knew I wanted a bright kitchen with character and I love the look of white cabinetry with a fun, patterned tile. However, both of those things can be pretty pricey. Wanting to stay within a pretty strict budget, I had to weight all the pricier items and choose which items were worth the expense and which items I could replace and love just as much. For me, this meant going with white cabinets and then choosing a cheaper tile option I still loved and fit my vision.


Once our budget was in place, I compiled all my research to bring my dream space to life. I dreamt of a bright and inviting space, a space where people feel comfortable being who they are. I also wanted a kitchen with some fun character: an accent island, mixed metals, and a bright bohemian-styled runner.  To do this, I was extremely intentional with each piece I picked out. After it passed the test of “Is it practical?” and “Does it fit the budget?”, I was able to scout the hardware and accents I felt would give this space the character it needed to be more than a kitchen and become a heart of the home.

For more on how I planned to create the perfect ambiance, check out The Vision for Our Home.

And, as always, please reach out with any questions or comments!

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