Housekeeping Tips for Your Home

Home is where the heart is. It should serve as a safe haven where we feel comfortable and can kick up our feet to relax in a pleasant environment. This is why it’s extremely important that we keep everything in good condition. Clutter, mess, and dirt have actually been found to cause stress, and an unhygienic home environment can result in sickness or allergies. To get you off to the right start, here are some housekeeping tips to keep your home clean and well maintained year-round!


The first step that you will have to take to ensure that your home is presentable at all times is to implement a thorough cleaning regime into your routine. Remember that the purpose of cleaning isn’t purely to make sure your home looks nice – it’s to maintain good levels of hygiene throughout your property too! Some activities will have to be carried out on a daily basis, some weekly, and some monthly. Here are a few steps that you can take to make sure your cleaning regime is up to scratch, and a few less common tasks that you might forget about.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Products

This is one of our most important housekeeping tips. Different jobs require different cleaning products. Think of your home like a large body. You wouldn’t use shampoo to exfoliate your feet, and you wouldn’t use moisturizer to wash your hair. Each task you carry out will require a different cleaning product containing different ingredients to get the job done properly. You can find the right cleaning product by conducting research into how to carry out each cleaning job. Wherever possible, try to use all natural products, as these will do just as good a job without posing a threat or being detrimental to the environment.

Washing Shower Curtains

You should really clean your shower curtains regularly, as being damp for extended periods of time with little opportunity to dry off properly makes them a potential breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. This is not what you want in an environment where you go to get clean yourself! So, wash your shower curtains regularly. Generally speaking, you can place them in your washing machine with a couple of towels and clean them on a relatively low heat. Hang them up to drip dry! It’s one of our easy housekeeping tips to follow, and you’ll be so happy you did it!

Cleaning Air Ducts

Most properties have air ducts in their bathrooms and kitchens. For some reason, people assume that because air is passing through these ducts on a regular basis, dust and other contaminants can’t mount up in them. But, again, this is merely a myth. These ducts can become filled with dirt and dust overtime, and do need to be cleaned to prevent allergens from being spread around your home. You can clean these yourself, but the majority of people will call in professional help with this job, as it can get a little tricky when ducts are difficult to access.

Cleaning Your Mattress

We have to call this out as one of our housekeeping tips because it’s often forgot about! A study has found that one in twenty people wait for four weeks before washing and changing our bedding and more than a third wait fourteen days. We should be changing our bedding once a week, cleaning the sheets on a hot wash to destroy bacteria. Ideally, you should clean your mattress once a season or twice a year. There are a few ways to go about this. They include vacuuming your mattress, deodorizing it, practicing stain removal, and steam cleaning. You can find out more about proper technique here.


Maintenance varies from cleaning in that it is the process of righting wrongs in your property. If you notice that something has broken, you’re going to have to fix it at some point or another, so it’s best to tackle these tasks as early on as possible. Here are just a few different home maintenance situations you might find yourself in down the line!

Plumbing Problems

You really don’t realize how much water you use on a day to day basis until something goes wrong with your waterworks. The good news is that with most water-based problems, you seem to get a bit of warning. Perhaps your tap is leaking a lot. Maybe you’ve noticed small droplets of water dripping from a pipe. When you notice these tell tale signs of problems, call a plumber in right away. Most of the time, it’s best to leave these jobs to the professionals. This guarantees that though problem will be completely rectified, and you can put the issue to bed.


Electrical faults definitely require professional attention. Electricians train for years to correctly identify electrical faults and put them right. So, if you notice a flickering light bulb, identify some exposed wiring, or notice burn marks around a socket, call a professional immediately. Do not put this off at any cost. Not only do electrical problems pose the risk of shocking you or cutting out your entire property’s power supply, but they also pose the risk of sparking off (pun not intended) electrical fires.

Faulty Locks

Faulty locks in your home can be a real inconvenience. If you cannot always guarantee that your key will open the door that it is intended for, you’re going to face some really irritating situations. Call a professional locksmith for help as soon as possible.  A locksmith will be able to change your locks and cut new keys that will open your door as they should.

Sure, this may all sound like a fair amount of effort. But these housekeeping tips will all be more than worth it when you can bask in the results of living in a clean and properly functioning home! So, incorporate some of the above steps into your routine today!

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