Why You Should Hire a Creative Career Coach

You’re a strong, dynamic woman, but do you invest in yourself?  Investing in YOU is one of the best things you can do to further your growth and happiness.  We often think of self-care in terms of beauty or exercise, but mental self-care is important, too.  Maybe you have a mentor or a stellar manager to help guide your career path, but a creative career coach?  Today, I’m sharing when I hired a creative career coach, how it’s been helpful and why you should consider it.

When I hired a creative career coach

If you read our site, it’s no secret that I balance two jobs.  I work full-time for a major CPG company in the Chicagoland area as well as running our site (with so many strong women behind me – thank you!).  I’ve always been called to be an entrepreneur since my young days of selling clip-in hair wraps for kid’s birthday parties before I turned 10 years old.  After I married my husband in 2015, I knew the time had come.  It was time to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.  What I didn’t realize was that I’d fall in love with two careers.

I thought my path would be one of winding down a corporate career and dialing up an entrepreneurial one (although I still wasn’t sure how that’d come together).  After 18 months of owning Girl Meets Party, I started to burn out on the dual lifestyle and started questioning my path.  Knowing I was opting for a dual career lifestyle, mentorship at work wasn’t helping much.  I spoke to my husband, my family members, and my friends.  As much as people supported me, they didn’t get it.  They couldn’t help, and I was internally frustrated.  Ultimately, my husband & I agreed I should explore getting a career coach.

Enter Be Bright Lisa.  First of all, her beauty draws you in.  I don’t mean her good looks, but the presence she puts out into the world.  I couldn’t stop scrolling when I found her Instagram page.  My life changed nearly instantly from our first phone call.  For the first time, someone was pushing my buttons and making me uncomfortable (in the best way possible).

How a creative career coach has helped me

We spent the first month focusing on me and what I’m all about, which ultimately created my ‘personal essence.’  While I loved it, it was an eye-opening few weeks while you really explore the good and not so good of yourself to get to the true meaning.  After meeting with Lisa consistently once a week, I was suddenly focused.  I felt clear again and could feel my purpose.

We’ve been working together for nearly 6 months.  In that time, I’ve come to love my corporate career again.  I’ve leveled-up so many times on Girl Meets Party and have so many big plans in store for us.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to love myself.  I would have never admitted this in the past, but if you know me well, you know I love achieving things within my work and personal life.  I have high expectations for myself, which can be valuable but also stressful and damaging to your self-care.  Through my work with Lisa, I’ve fallen in love with me, my journey, my unique career path and all the wild ideas I have.  I don’t see flaws, I see unique characteristics and feel constantly optimistic and ‘OK’ about the future.  These are all things that could have never been unlocked by a friend, mentor, or direct manager.

Why you should consider hiring a creative career coach

If you’re a dynamic person, you love to grow.  You love to push yourself to the limit and be the best version of yourself.  It’s incredibly hard to do that without help, and especially without the right help.  Hiring a career coach drives accountability.  It keeps you focused.  It dedicates time to your personal well-being – something that is so important for your overall happiness.  Most importantly, if you’re happy, you’ll help and make those around you happy as well.

It’s inspired me to start my own creative coaching section through Girl Meets Party.  I’ve learned so much over my 10-year corporate career and nearly 3 years in entrepreneurship.  If there’s any way I can help you and pay it forward, will you do me the favor and reach out?  It really is true that together we can do so much.

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