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I discovered Betsy of Seva Interiors through her Instagram and immediately fell in love with her style.  As I learned more about her, I fell in love with her personality.  Betsy is unique in that she’s an intuitive designer.  She started her own business after getting a nudge from the Universe and never looked back.  As a single mom and successful business owner, she’s doing it right.  I hope you love her story as much as I do.

1. Tell us about your business?   

I am an interior designer that invites you to make room to bloom as the owner of Seva Interiors.  Seva, in essence, is to be of service – it is a desire to lift up those around you. With this intention, I design intentional spaces to support vibrant living.  I focus on the flow, function and feel, diving beyond decor to create spaces that uplift and inspire. 

2. How did you know you wanted to be an interior designer?  

Honestly, it has always been there…creating a sense of “home” whether in my childhood room, for my friends or now my family, has always been a joy and very grounding for me. This solidified early on, as my parents lived in a number of homes in various countries when I was growing up – setting up my space with all the elements of a home was a way to recenter when life would uproot around me. Through life’s curveballs and my work with others, I see so clearly how intentional, balanced and beautiful spaces radiate calm and joy.  I am fascinated by this self-space bond and how our homes support our well-being!

3. When did you know you wanted to own your own business?  And how did you get started?  

It’s interesting.  I have always been very happy, a “behind the scenes” girl.  I found great joy in supporting another’s vision whether it was an advertising partner or brand I was promoting through event work or as a copywriter.  Being highly intuitive, resourceful and observant, I make a great ‘get-it-done’ person.  But the universe has a way of kicking you out of your comfort zone.  After the second designer I was working for shifted directions in her life/business and our time together ended, I started to get the message that I was supposed to step forward and develop my own vision.  Though not an altogether comfortable process – lots of fear facing and wrestling perfectionism kinda stuff – I am so very grateful for all of it because it gave me Seva Interiors.

4. What is the best part of being an entrepreneur?  

As a single mom of two dynamic teens, when they were younger I kept struggling with how I could “do it all” – how to earn a living AND be the face in the audience or volunteer in their classrooms.  This was really important to me, but the combination felt intangible for a long time.  I love the flexibility in my schedule and the ability to honor my own rhythm of when I work best, which is sometimes early morning or often right alongside my kids while they do homework. 

5. What is the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur?  

The juggle of doing it all!! Everything truly starts and stops with YOU.  There are so many moving parts to owning and operating a business.  I see very clearly at this stage that for me to grow and expand, I definitely need help.  There is only so much of me to go around!  I look forward to working alongside some talented people in the near future (right after I get better at asking for help)… 

6. How is Seva Interiors different than other interior designers?  

I take a very holistic approach to design, considering all aspects of who the person is and how they want to live.  More than just decorating a space, I feel we are designing a lifestyle.  I believe that designing a space you love is far from an indulgence!  In these demanding times, creating a home haven is full-on self-care. 

7. Who is your ideal client and how can they reach you? 

You are my ideal client if you are ready to embrace change–or are open to the possibility!  You want to partner with me to explore your personal expression of home, and you see the value of investing in your space (and in turn yourself) to support your needs and desired lifestyle. Find more information about Seva Interiors at www.sevainteriors.com or on LinkedIn.  Seva Interiors is also follow-able on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  I’d love to help animate your vision.

8. What advice would you give to someone just starting out?  

Dig into who you really are and how you want to express yourself beyond trends, your friends or the should’s.  What lights you up?  Honor that…it is your unique gift, quality, taste, and talent.  Shine it brightly!  Lastly, just leap – perfectionism creates paralysis. Stay flexible and keep moving with the process of it all becoming. #bloomalready

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